YouTube SEO – Step-by-Step Video SEO Guide

YouTube SEO - Step-by-Step Video SEO Guide


  1. Naushad Khan


  2. Sailing Ceil 3

    Excellent, keep it up, Subbed

  3. Teren Humphrey

    Great video! Ton of good information here Brian. Much appreciated. 🙂

  4. Bawa wunter

    thank u so much bro

  5. Vinedroid

    Brian dean. Can you make a video about Youtube Channel Suspension factors? and how to prevent youtube channel suspension…That will be great..

  6. Awesome Moments

    you got my like and my comment 😛 …keep going bro …you are great 🙂

  7. itwsw

    Why does your video have so little views ?

  8. Sweet and Sour Adventures

    is 40% good for audience retention?

  9. BlueLight Tech

    Great Video.

  10. Aayo Padhe

    assisting me

  11. Rextoronon

    I have followed all or at least most of what you said and they wprked great. But the people commenting actually want my videos to be shorter. But you say that it should be longer so that it can rank higher and get more views. What should I do.

  12. SEO MCR - SEO Agency Manchester

    Really useful video to recap on the basics thanks! My revision notes: Make sure videos are 5 minutes long, encourage replies, important to add subscribe button, request shares, favourites. Add annotation asking people to like videos. File name should include target keywords once, start title with keywords (not at end), include target keyword once in tags, don’t add too many, put a popular channel name into tags, ask people to subscribe at the end.

  13. Android tips

    If i wana used papuler name in my tags its safe for my channel?

  14. Tonik Web Studio


  15. Howfinity

    Still very helpful and relevant 3 years later. Thank you!

  16. Bruno

    Great Video but…you dont have to have morr likes than dislikes. Actually dislikes are really important for the performance of your video! Other than that pretty much everything is perfectly right 🙂

  17. DaphyD_Adventures

    I’ve subscribed because you are the best in explaining how to rank on YouTube!!!

  18. Adem Maximillion

    Interesting vid. YouTube video marketing is becoming more important than Google Adwords and if you want to create a big splash fast theres not much better.

    It’s insane to think that…

    YouTubers play 6 billion hours of videos every month.
    YouTubers watch 4 billion vids every single day.
    YouTubers upload 300 hours of video every minute.

    Just imagine if you tapped into a tiny amount of those visitors. Its expected YouTube will before long bypass Google as the number 1 search engine.

    A great place to get started is with a YouTube marketing course which can have you making money in no time. I have a excellent “How To” video on my channel with links for anyone looking for help.

  19. susheela tailor

    hey if i use other channel name in tags .can i get any warnings/issues ?

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