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A collection of notes and tutorial codes I wrote while I was leaning JSP (JavaServer Pages).
Your programmers and designers needn't be enemies just because your site uses dynamic data. One way to keep both camps happy is to use an XML based data structure delivered via Java Server Pages. Michael Classen shows you how. (Webreference)
This is a 60 page walk through using XML and JSP together. We step you through completely to get you started in XML. From DOM to JDOM, XSL transformations and implications of using XML and JSP together, A complete starting guide for JSP and XML.
A JSP tutorial with many examples. Explaining the main concepts using lots of graphics. Well worth visiting.
This tutorial shows how easy it is to call a Javabean from a JSP.
This tutorial shows how to send an e-mail using JavaMail. This example can be easily changed to work with a JSP, Javabean and Servlet.
A simple tutorial to show how to display the current time in a JSP. Full source code included.
Having an understanding of Struts is very important to any JSP programmer or project manager. Struts represents one of the fundamental building blocks which will be used in many JSP projects. This series of articles will teach a JSP programmer how to use Struts and give an understanding on the nature of Struts.
Tag libraries are the one aspect of JSP which has caused me to to choose JSP as my primary server-side web application tool. This tutorial will show you why tag libraries are so important and will help you to build your first tag library.
Java Server Pages offer powerful server-side access to a multitude of databases and legacy systems. This workshop walks you through the process of installing the necessary software to provide an Apache Web server with the ability to serve up JSPs.
A JSP Tutorial aimed not at teaching JSP but rather shows you how to approach your JSP Training
This tutorial describes how to create a simple JSP application with several display pages, a JavaBeans component, and one error page that gives informative error messages to the user. (Sun)
One of the most common parts of an electronic commerce application is the HTML form in which a user enters some information. Learn how to process this information with JSP. (Sun)
This tutorial will give you an introduction on how to create tag extensions for your JSP pages.
This document explains the concepts of Java Servlets and provides a step-by-step tutorial for writing HTTP Servlets with complete source code for the example Servlets.
The Servlets trail teaches you about servlets, the bodies of code that run inside servers, and extend their functionality. (Sun)
An excellent tutorial on JSP and Servlets.
This course is intended to provide you with a basic understanding of JSP - enough to allow you to quickly become a confident builder of content-rich JavaServer Pages. Beyond that, you will have a solid base for further learning. (JSPInsider)
This tutorial examines the processing of a user registration form using JSP and JavaBeans while implementing the Memento design pattern. (JavaWorld)
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