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Sometimes if you use flash and javascript or layers on the same page, you will have some problem with your layers or javascript - they will go behind your flash.
Make text look as if it was being hand written.
here are two ways to make flash file transparent, one is to export as a transparent file when you are publishing from Macromedia Flash and another to insert a line of code in the HTML. We will cover both ways in this tutorial.
This tutorial will teach you how to create a clip of animated snowflakes which fall down. This technique is called programmed animation. And this effect looks really great!
here are two ways to make flash file transparent, one is to export as a transparent file when you are publishing from Macromedia Flash and another to insert a line of code in the HTML. We will cover both ways in this tutorial.
How to create a motion Tween that follows a guide to set the direction of the animation. This enables you to animate objects in curved or spiraled directions.
Create custom mouse pointer to use in Flash movies
A simple method which enables you to password protect either a section of the Flash movie or a section of your web site.
All the steps you need to know to add sound to your Flash Movies.
Want to create fast loading Flash movies. Essential skills for all Flash developers.
Learn how to get your Flash movie from Flash onto a web page or into other formats.
Learn how to make an Flash movie which the user can draw in whilst online. This may be adapted into a full Painting program (see sample). Alternatively use Flash as a Power Point type presentation package and you can underline or mark-up things live during your presentation.
How to display the frame number from the time line.
How to create an input box and get buttons to change a movie clip based on what the user has typed into the input box. There is also a reset button which changes the movie clip to the original default.
How to create links between different web pages from Flash. Includes an explanation of the different type of links, window browser settings and which you should use.
Explanation of web safe colours, RGB (Red Green Blue) and hexadecimal colour systems. Both systems may be used in Flash, but only Hexadecimal may be used in ActionScript or HTML. Includes a web safe colour chart with both RGB and Hexadecimal colour codes.
How to scan or find pictures to use in Flash or your web page. Including the different file formats and how to compress pictures.
How to create a simple drop down menu. Note: there are other menus in the intermediate tutorials below (numbers 1 and 4).
How to change the colour of an object by clicking on a button.
A tutorial showing you how one instance of a symbol communicates with another, specifically when the symbol is placed inside another symbol. This tutorial is designed to give you some practical experience of how this is done.
A tutorial showing you how one instance of a symbol communicates with another, specifically when the symbol is placed inside another symbol. This tutorial is designed to give you some practical experience of how this is done.
A tutorial for beginners, showing you how to place one animation inside another animation. This is a basic technique in Flash which is of fundamental importance.
A mask that follows the mouse around reveling graphics and text hidden below. An impressive effect which is easy to create.
A tutorial for beginners, showing you how to create an animated mask, which revels something hidden below.
A simple animation technique that morphs one shape into another.
A tutorial for beginners, showing you how to animate with a technique called tweening.
Detect Flash Player with Dreamweaver built in Javascript
How can I create an audio sound effect mimicking a voice talking?
Easy to follow Flash MX Tutorials, watch and listen to a expert guide you through photoshop right from your own computer.
A tutorial designed for absolute beginners, showing you how to link one part of a Flash movie to the next.
Learn the secrets of building slick navigation systems using Flash 5. Juan explains all, step by step, with screen grabs
In this tutorial we create a simple Form in flash and pass the information entered into that form to a new frame where a time based greeting is added to it. Lots of ActionScript for you to play with!
This month we will be integrating Flash and ASP (Active Server Pages) using the "CDO.NewMail" object of CDONTS in order to send mail directly from your web server
In this tutorial we are going to look at three, very basic ways, of sending email from Flash using a standard HTML "mailto" routine. Each of the methods we will be looking at makes use of the visitors own email program to send the message. As such, there is no CGI or ASP scripting to worry about (I will be looking at using Flash MX forms with ASP next month).
Build a Preloader using the "_framesloaded" Flash Action Script method. The .fla file available for download and a demo site is available for viewing.
"Please be patient while my Flash masterpiece downloads" If you have ever wondered how those preload screens work, read on. Plenty of screen grabs to guide you through the process, and a nice little .fla file for you to download.
Learn how easy it is to create simplest sound controller in your Flash movie. I'm sure you already know it.
Learn how to make realistic steel material effect. Animate your text with this cute lighting technique.
Masks are classic tool used for animation purposes. With masks you can hide some parts of the scene while revealing other parts. Learn the common technique here.
Learn this useful technique on how to link to external movie clips. (Flex @ WZ2K)
Shine a light on your Flash sessions with a Flash Light Effect. This effect allows you to give a flash light effect to show colored text, images and also linkable images and text.
Flex shows you how to create an animated hand, fire button and cross hair. (Intermediate) (WZ2K)
Expand on the first lesson by inserting some backround elements ready for your enemies to hide behind. (Intermediate) (Flex @ WZ2K)
If you plan to make Flash based Web site, this effect is necessary for your learning.
Want a drop down menu for your Flash movie? Check out this Flash MX drop down menu, modeled after Flash 4's drop down menu style.
Flex shows you how to add the bulletholes and ricochet effects. (Advanced) (Flex @ WZ2K)
Lesson 3 takes you into the depths of adding enemies and the ability to shoot them. (Advanced) (Flex @ WZ2K)
Time to add the scoring system to the game - Flex shows you how. (Advanced) (Flex @ WZ2K)
Learn how to expand on the original cool quotes with the ability to upload your quotes as a text file. (Flex @ WZ2K)
Learn how to use Actionscript to create a quote system that's controlled by the time and day. (flex @ WZ2K)
Flex expands on the first three parts of the game creation series by adding a scoring system. (WZ2K)
In part 3, Flex guides you through the complexities of adding enemies to the game outlined in parts 1 & 2. (WZ2K)
This function works to configure view modes for stand alone Flash player. You can easily set full screen mode or turn off right click menu.
This tutorial shows how to embed a transparent Flash navigation bar to a multi-node QuickTime VR tour. It is throughly written and contains many screenshots for easy understanding.
This is a continuation of creating a contact form with Flash and PHP.
This tutorial will show you how to create a contact form in Flash and tie it in to PHP.
Create a Macromedia Flash 5 Preloader with easy step by step instructions.
Learn how to create text effects the easiest way with this tutorial. find more in this website
Got those walkin' blues? Let Laurence show you the proper way to strut your stuff - in Flash, that is. (Webmonkey.com)
Learn how to create a multiuser system using Flash, Java, and XML as you paddle your way through a game of PONG. (Webmonkey.com)
Learn integration of Flash and ASP. This comprehensive guide not only teaches but also challenges and initiates you into trying to build products by yourself. A Visual and detailed learning experience. Make your own Flash GuestBook.
Learn to create a very simple Flash Preloader for either Flash 4/Flash 5.
This tutorial explains how to pass variables to flash using two methods. One is with HTML tags and the other is with Javascript. The acutal page is an example of both methods used.
Integrating a Flash movie with a database on a server is the key to creating rich, platform-independent Web applications. For this process to work, a developer must know many aspects of Web application building - including Flash design, ActionScript, writing server scripts, and administering a database.
Having covered the basics, we now examine some of the more advanced properties available with embedded Flash objects. We conclude our Flash manipulation series by learning how to hide, show, dim, and rotate Flash movies. (Webreference)
Learn the nuts and bolts of controlling a movie clip through the keyboard in this 3 part tutorial. One of the most essential items to learn if you want visitors to interact in Flash.
Ever wondered how you can stop or pause Flash animations without filling your timeline with blank frames? Here is the actionscript in two easy steps...
Use the power of external variables and create randomly loaded quotes in Flash. This easy step by step tutorial will guide you well.
Some of the best sites which use Flash intro's randomise the intro's every time you visit. How do they do that? Well here is a simple tutorial with actionscript.
covered: roll over/roll out buttons, 'with' action, addressing movies via an absolute path, using the same Movie Clip in different circumstances.
This tutorial is a comprehensive guide that teaches you all you need to know about integrating Flash with ASP. Learn among other things how to make a Flash Guest-Book.
In this brief article, we discover Flash technology from Macromedia and answer some simple questions if you have never ever seen a Flash movie before.
Want to learn some more Web animation techniques? Then join Mike as he walks you through tweening, morphing, and more with the ever-popular Flash 5. (Webmonkey)
Ever feel like jazzing up your e-mails with Flash? Learn how. (Webreference)
Learn everything there is to know about Flash 5 with this 21 chapter tutorial covering everything from Introduction to Flash 5.0 to Publishing Flash Movies.
Great tutorial that teaches Flash 4.0 from a very basic beginners level.
Learn the Basic Programming Constructs of Flash 4 Scripting.
This tutorial will show you how to make your hoopy vectors and bitmaps dragable, in Flash 4.
This tutorial will explain how to export transparency in a bitmap image from Photoshop to Flash using the .png format.
This tutorial shows you how to make those Flash files better than they were before -- better, stronger, faster. (Webmonkey)
This Macromedia Flash 5 tutorial teaches you how to create Web graphics and animation. This tutorial covers creating graphics, working with layers, and adding motion, sound, and text to a Flash 5 movie.
This preloader was developed by me in order to fulfill the needs of other flash developers, to have a full featured preloader that is easy to add to any Flash movie. This is what you would call a "Smart Clip" seen in only in Flash 5. In order to keep it's usefulness and ease in which it can be added to movies, I had to resort to the Smart Clip format.
This tutorial shows you how to combine Flash and RealG2 with Tim Kennedy's universal streaming media cement: SMIL.
This is the real thing... a percentile based preloader for any number of scenes. Fast and reliable, this is the best preloader scripting we've seen.
Want to know how we made the rollover buttons in our Flash navigation for this site? Here it is!
Use Text boxes to gather information from your visitors to be used later as variables. Here's a simple how-to.
Ever need to use a check box to help get information from your visitors? This simplifies the confusion with a step-by-step method to flawless check boxes and radio buttons
Everyone needs to be able to play their movies in reverse, here's an easy way to do it.
It's finally here! The long awaited tutorial on Symbol Combination and Specifying Targets is ready. Specifying Targets is the first major hurdle in learning Flash's action script. We will explore how to properly specify targets in the context of combining symbols of different types within each other.
A simple how-to on using motion guide layers. Allows you to control the movement and orientation of symbols.
This tutorial focuses on using Flash navigation for websites with frames. You've seen it done, we do it here, now you can too.
Here is an upgrade version of our Flawless Rollover Buttons. The new buttons are combined with their associated movie clips and text boxes into one symbol for smaller .swf files and faster, more responsive buttons. If you haven't already gone through the first Flawless Rollover Buttons tutorial, you need to complete it first as this tutorial builds upon the first version!
This simple component is the used with higher level techniques in Flash movies as user input to control many aspects and effects.
Here we clear up all confusion about setting the browser window to fullscreen using JavaScript in Explorer. Flash all the way to the edge of the screen, without borders and regardless of screen resolution.
This is the beginning of a whole new dimension to the possibilites of using Flash. We will begin our tutorial series with learning how to use JavaScript to pass variables to Flash movies.
If you are not sure what Flash is, this introductory tutorial takes you through the whys and wherefores
No fancy ActionScript, no Alpha tricks..... it's all done with magic. Seriously, this water ripple effect is accomplished with a simple stack of Tweened Masks.
A navigation system similar to how Windows Explorer or the Macintosh List view works. You click on a main category and a sublist of items would expand below it pushing everything else down.
There was a request on the FreeHand newsgroup asking how to make the magnifying lens effects from FreeHand come into Flash. Well they don't, but I came up with solution to how to create them directly in Flash. You can even drag it around!
It's possible I should have named this tutorial "Painting 3D with Gradients." Gradients make it easy to create images that appear to be 3D.
This comprehensive overview covers GIF89, dHTML, Flash, audio, and the fundamentals of good online animation. (Webmonkey)
Flash is everywhere nowadays, but lots of people are turning to Director to deliver the goods. Which should you sic on your next project? (Webmonkey)
Not all QuickTime, AVI, or video animation makes good Flash. But learn from Shvatz - using the right tools and hard work - about those that do. (Webmonkey)
Mike from Webmonkey teaches you how to make singing, dancing buttons with Flash 4. Along the way you'll learn a host of valuable and sneaky skills.
Are you just getting started with Web animation? Then join Mike from Webmonkey as he walks you through basic movie making with the ever-popular Flash 4.
Want to jump into the world of Flash, but just don't know how to get started? This beginner's guide from the Web Developer's Journal will set you down the right path.
Trying to figure out where to start with Flash? Sick of tutorials that either assume you're a expert or treat you like a dummy? Walk through making a simple splash screen for your site, and get on the road to killer animations today!
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