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If you use Illustrator regularly, no doubt one of your first steps when working on a new document is to set up your guides. The process, though, can take some time, especially if you like to create a grid made up of guides or want your guides perfectly centered. (CreativeMac.com)
In our last installment dealing with brushes in Adobe Illustrator, we looked at methods for generating Pattern Brushes from vector elements. But this week we'll leave the patterned strokes behind and delve into the messier realm of Art Brushes. (DigitalMediaNet.com)
Use a shape to create a hole in an object. Draw the shape, fill with white, deselect clipping, Make Opacity Mask, change color palette to grayscale, now darkening circle increases transparency of mask and allows layer underneath to show through. Time = 5:43
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Here's a question that comes up every now and again: How do you make text wrap around an object in Adobe Illustrator? Better yet, how do you get text to wrap around placed bitmap or EPS graphics within Illustrator? It just doesn't seem possible, right? Right. But here's a simple workaround.(DigitalMediaNet.com)
The new series, presented by DMN's Cinema 4D host, Rob Garrott, focuses on extrusions and working with NURBS objects. We kick it off with some tips for importing Adobe Illustrator files, including preparation of the files themselves and various options for working with AI files imported into Cinema 4D. (DigitalMediaNet.com)
The new Illustrator plug-in, Artlandia SymmetryWorks, makes creating patterns in Illustrator easy and fun. In these tutorials you will learn to make backgrounds for web pages, patterns that seamlessly tile the plane, half-drop and brick repeats, and more.
When you import vector artwork into a pixel-based program such as After Effects or Photoshop, its edges are determined by the outmost edges of the art. In this article, Lon Clark demonstrates that by creating crop marks, you define a new edge/size for the file and that can open up new design opportunities. (CreativeCOW.net)
When you're creating text using Illustrator, it's easy to simply type it out and call it a day. Lon Clark demonstrates by spending a little time fine tuning your letter spacing by making tracking and kerning adjustments, you'll wind up with a slicker and more professional type treatment. (CreativeCOW.net)
For a well-rounded site try some vectors with Illustrator, that curve creation cure-all. Avoid the steep learning curve with Wendy Peck's tutorial. (Production Graphics)
Reveal the layer below! Combine areas of different layers using an opacity mask in Adobe Illustrator. (Adobe)
What is SVG? Something very good! Get a jump start on the Web graphics file format of the future. Learn how to create killer vector graphics and export SVG artwork from Adobe Illustrator. (Adobe)
Add depth to your illustrations with 3D shapes drawn in Illustrator. (Adobe)
This powerful new tool in Illustrator 8 allows you to easily create effects that were once almost impossible. (Adobe)
You can get great, organic-looking artwork from Adobe Illustrator once you know how to build your own custom brushes. (Adobe)
Create animations using a multilayer Illustrator file and ImageReady. (Adobe)
Here's a quick way to simplify your life by combining several tasks into one. (Adobe)
Let Illustrator do the work for you when creating a transition between two objects. (Adobe)
Sometimes the best way to create a complex object is to draw a simple one and then distort it. (Adobe)
Learn how to colorize a paintbrush, for an effect that's as lively or as subtle as you want it to be. (Adobe)
Look Ma, no proof! Learn to set color management options and proof on-screen in Adobe Illustrator. (Adobe)
Here's a handy reference of all the keystroke shortcuts that are shared by three key Adobe programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, and PageMaker. (Adobe)
Remember the days of tediously making crosshatches with pen and ink? (Adobe)
We live in a world of color, so why not keep a bit of color in our crosshatch illustrations? (Adobe)
Clipping Paths are nothing new in Adobe Photoshop, but how often do you make use of paths while in Adobe Illustrator? (Adobe)
Get Illustrator to save you time and mouse clicks when you're creating paths. (Adobe)
Make Flash animations from Illustrator layers. (Adobe)
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