Tutorial: How To Setup And Use ICloud


  1. Nikkibass

    how do you shop in google stores it says there is a shopping icon i need to unenable but i dont see it

  2. Chandler Tarnow

    I just got the ipod 6 because my iphone4 broke now I have to make a icloud account

  3. Waiting for Jesus

    what app/program where you in on the iMac when the photo synced that you took from your iPhone?

  4. GeneralBaconBurger

    So, do i NEED a computer for iCloud? Cause my computer’s shit and i don’t trust it at all. Or does it just save to the cloud?

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    i have tried this method and its work to bypass icloud activation >> https://twitter.com/Tech_Trcks2016/status/712541458688000001?pidid=4c080530-9383-4933-b373-8ea5edf61e43 Tutorial: How to Setup and Use iCloud

  9. sven inge skogvoll

    fuck this shit, icloud does not work on my apple units

  10. Audrina Hernandez

    omg remember what YouTube used to look like 4 years ago. It still looks like that on my mom’s old phone. I was like 6 in 2012

  11. Pono Sonoc

    What a terrible slang!
    Why can not talk clearly those speakers?

  12. Smiley

    I’ve already done that but only a few of the contacts have synced, today i added more contacts on my phone BUT they did not sync onto iCloud and as far i can see everything is set up correctly do you know why???

  13. Utku Yigit Kose

    I delete my İcloud how can I download again? Please answer me.

  14. xike11xi2
  15. Stephen Eric Biggs

    I have had iCloud on my computer for nearly a year know but ever since it was downloaded all it reconises is my iPhone so you can backup but because it don’t reconises th computer so you can’t backup computer .

  16. KeVaughn Robertson

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  17. rafaelkent estrada

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  19. Kenneth Kay

    How to retrieve photos from iCloud Photos storage?

  20. Jacky Tonny

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