Tutorial 2016 – HOW TO Use GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER | 2016 The Best Way


  1. vasto lordo

    nice guide ! helped alot man!

  2. Humaun Kabir

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  3. Luke Flacko

    I get a range instead of the exact monthly search number

  4. Prativa Neupane

    its not free any more .to use google key word planner you need to create google add word account and run a campaign.i made a dodgy campaign and tried use the key word planner to find a good niche.but they don’t give all the information until i made and run a campaign for the specific niche.this is really annoying and i wasted my time.i think its better to use other alternative for google key word planner.this is useless.

  5. Treasure Vault

    This video was very useful. The best one I’ve seen thus far, clear and to the point. Thank you!!

  6. mathew joseph

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  12. Syed Golab Arefin

    Your video tutorial was helpful enough. Thank you man. I like it much.

  13. Rashmi Shrivastava

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  14. Carmenuyl Carrollbkc

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  15. Aamer Ali

    From 1:15 til 3:31 , explaining, then explaining then explaining without any motion example.

  16. Netanel Baruch

    WOW WOW WOW so mach useful and great ! thanks a lot !!

  17. Netanel Baruch

    Another question you have,
    When I write the article do I have to insert the keywords as they are or can I change a little?
    For example I want to make an article about a place for a wedding, I see examples “perfect wedding places”
      , The question is if I can list 10 tools to find perfect wedding places and change some of the fine words

  18. Justin Lodmell

    Good for 2016.

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