Turn Your Smartphone Into A 3D Hologram | 4K


  1. Opaque Motives

    There is no way a child can make this without getting high on modeling glue fumes. The blasted thing keeps falling apart and now all the faces are smudged with glue.

  2. anicetune

    I couldn’t see the end of the video because it was covered by large ads 2:01

    Thumbs down

  3. Gus W

    Or you could just buy one for a fucken dollar and it doesn’t look like your retarded cousin chewed on it

  4. Evancraft 53

    Fack u It didn’t worked at all now i have scratch of

  5. Petr Jiricek

    Pěkné, ale tohle jsem viděl v Číně před šesti lety.
    Nice, but I am saw it at China 6 years ago.


    Use transparent tape

  7. Bargav adireddy

    how do we get that kind of image in our phone….

  8. JinO Chil

    OMFG It’s been almost two years and this video was the reason why I found your channel!! Been subscribed since then and wow HAHA although this is a smartphone video, it is far from the content you are uploading today

  9. Fred Cox

    Clever & Innovative – Thanks!

  10. Alex Z

    It’s the new trend



  12. sakeena patel

    U can also use plastic covers instead of cd casses

  13. E. A.

    why do you speak like you are next to someone who tries to sleep?

  14. codina doesminecraft

    DUDE ITS A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!! i don’t think you have to make the whole thing with the 4 pieces and crap. JUST PLAY THE VIDEO and shine 1 piece of uncut DVD plastic on it. Just adjust the angle and it will float in air. -__- the structure is just a presentable frame D:<<<<

  15. Moon

    *can i watch vr porn with this?*

  16. venkat venkatesh


  17. Arnoudth

    To bad people still believe they’re watching at a hologram. It’s nothing more than a mirroring. It works perfectly fine with one side of the pyramid only!!! The four sides are only needed to be able to watch the image from 4 different positions. If it was a true hologram you would see an object if you’d look from above. But you don’t because you’re looking at a nothing more than a mirrored image!!

  18. Alex Sher

    anyone here from aruns draw my life

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