The Easiest, Fastest And Most Reliable SIT STAY- Clicker Dog Training


  1. James

    Better than E-Collar and Prung. I hate that shit

  2. Ben wagner

    I just got a 8 week old Malti poo. I got him 2 days ago and would like to start training him. Do you have any suggestions of treats that will capture his attention and motivate him to follow the treats? Thanks

  3. Santosh Chaudhary

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  4. Fruity Kitchen

    your doggy is so well trained

  5. P S

    I was just wondering.. quite a lot of your videos are with breeds known to be quite obedient. Do you believe same would be true for stubborn dogs such as Pugs.

  6. Jaded Master

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  7. Silver Golden wolf

    What type of dog is that

  8. Silver Golden wolf

    What type of dog is that

  9. Klara Zoesmayr

    What Clicker do you use? It has a good and soft sound.

  10. Joshua Corbin

    this is insane
    can you come to barbados? and train my new rott? lol

  11. Gordon McGuire

    *”I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful style and technique you have in training my beautiful Malamute.  You have been a blessing Doggy Dan [Details Here === **** ]. As i came across your training site, you just had my dog mesmerized to do what you tell her. After the first series of your training, my dog and I had already learned so much. She is a very smart dog and learns quickly.”*

  12. Kuran Dohil

    I got my 3 month old Jack Russell pup 3 days ago and I need to start training him. I have tried step one of this video but he keeps jumping up to get the treat from my hand instead of sitting down. Any advise?

  13. Hero Hour

    Are u making any more videos? It’s 2016. Great stuff

  14. Guerrilla

    i laughed to much while doing it

  15. N3verSn0w

    отличная работа

  16. Richard Everitt

    Watch all great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy!
    BIG Secret To Dog Training. Just search google; “galid dog training”

  17. Jillian Blair

    do you find that clicking or using a word is more successful? I’m just starting to look to properly train my dog and she doesnt like the sound of clicking fingers so I was worried the clicker would evoke a negative response.

  18. Alex Exley

    excellent info jam packed into under 10 minutes. thanks!

  19. Riza hariati

    The dog sits, I forgot to click. The dog haven’t move, I already clicked. HOW could you make it seems so easy???
    I need trainer.

  20. Beth Pottratz

    Instead of sitting to a lure treat, my dog backs up and gets hyper about the treat. I cant seems to make her sit with a treat. What can I do? She is also very resistant if I try to push her bottom to the ground.

  21. Ebiru2387

    Great videos! I love how you account for all of the possibilities that can possibly occur during training, as less experienced folks (like myself) often substitute incorrect training to supplement what we don’t know.

  22. Joey Smith

    Are the dogs already conditioned to the click=treat? Or is that just used as the indicator?

  23. ro lo

    Would this work on a puppy? Our golden retriever is 12 weeks.

  24. Cheryl Flint

    My dog (2years) isn’t interested in food or toys!! Help

  25. Alton Smith

    things the way dogs do. [Go Here== ]Once you come to this point where you see things the way dogs do, every other thing easily falls into place. This literarily saves you and your do from any pain or irritating feelings. “

  26. Gleaces Juvilian

    thank you. Found it very useful.

  27. Larry G

    What’s the purpose of using a clicker? After using it do you have to always carry it around with you forever? Nobody has ever talked about this.

    Also, I would like to see somebody bring an untrained dog and teach it. Everything looks so easy using a trained dog and people don’t understand why their dog doesn’t respond like the video shows. Because it’s a trained dog already and the video is edited.

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