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  1. candid0111

    Hi. good vid. Can someone tell me one of the sites he mentions that is ranking without backlinks?

  2. Nodir Sharofov

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  3. Fu Bu

    Nice Vid, but what happened with the audio? Is that a Fishtank in the background? 😉

  4. Loud N'Fast Toronto

    Wow, this is terrific! Thanks Josh!

  5. Negocios .Travel

    Thank you Josh! Great info. Go Texas!

  6. Negocios .Travel

    One question, you said no links from articles? What if a well ranked online newspaper or magazine talks about my site and puts a link, that helps or not? Thanks Josh.

  7. Craig Anthony

    6:50 . could you please ellaborate on this ?

  8. Ajeet Bawa

    very helpful video.A great presentation

  9. Celeste Lombard

    great video.

  10. Vblogskk

    i did it thx

  11. franc66

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Dissent Skateshop

    Great video so far as i’m watching it. I have a quick question on the ‘lose pages – lose rankings’ part. I have an e-commerce website and of course I sell out of products and get new ones regularly. I can’t keep pages live for old products that are sold out as it would just mean i’ve got loads of stuff on the site that isn’t available to buy so I need to delete certain product pages etc….what do you recommend in situations like this?

  13. Steven B.

    Really, all you saw was cheesy smiles? We are going to have to take back your man card.

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  15. John Hofmann

    backlinks are hardly important anymore lmfao

  16. Kyle Stroshein

    So you say emd is not effective anymore, what are your thoughts on .com vs. org vs .net vs. .fun .company etc…

  17. Sal Akhtar

    Why is Exact Match domain Risky?

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  19. Never Seijuro

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  21. Gursimran Pandher

    Can’t even hear anything properly :/

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