SEO Tutorial & Guide For 2017 – Search Engine Optimization Todos


  1. sicool09

    IDK about anyone else but I find you hilarious. As a marketing student who sits through classes all day, this is a breath of fresh air and probably teaches me more important things through your tutorials than all of my classes.

  2. Jean-Philippe Martel

    Hello there, at 13:55 when you are writing motorcycle insurance, we can see 10 predictions phrases that google shows you… in my browser (chrome) it only shows 4. The only time it shows me 10 predictions phrases is when I am in the “images” tab. How do you change this?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Local Seo Sniper

    Great video for seo. Motorcycle insurance is a tough one to qualify for. I like the fat rank tool idea.


  4. Zahir Mustafa

    at last i found someone speak about seo and make much sense, thank for the video 🙂

  5. Nate Daniels

    Jason I listened to your video over and over and over again my website been up for one year already I’m ranking High and I’m going to very big market area Philadelphia Pennsylvania thanks for all your help good luck to you in the future brother

  6. Benjamin Lowrey

    Dude your pizza part had me dyin’ hahaha
    great work!

  7. Shasankar Mohan

    is digital marketing only for business or we can apply for job

  8. itspoochie

    you are hilarious, in the non-pejorative sense. Thanks for all the great info and fun.

  9. Long Walk For Nothing by Dominic L Miller

    Thankyou. Lots of info and an engaging tutor, a rarity on this subject. Very kind of you 🙂

  10. daniel lovett

    Jason M. is the “Pope of SEO” !

  11. Kay Green

    Keyword worksheet lmao!

  12. Mike Sevik

    28:24 Beaming internet to penguins in Antarctica… yup.

  13. Shirly Gingco

    Thank you JM, very informative especially those beginners like me… More power to you!

  14. Reed Sprague

    Learned more in 10 minutes than I learned in hours of viewing other videos. Thank you so much for all your work and for making your video available for free to me. Well above all other videos on SEO. Great job. Really appreciate it.

  15. Daak gravedad

    love it

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