SEO 2018 – The Complete Guide (Part 1)


  1. Laurence Newton

    Would be great to see some slides or something onscreen for us visual learners. I’m 7 minutes in and i’m having trouble keeping track of what you’ve discussed.

  2. Joshua Bates

    Can someone tell me what schema markup is? Thanks!!

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  4. Shantanu Varun

    Hey chase, Big fan English is not my native language. It would really helpful if you put subtitles in your videos. Thank you for such awesomeness (Youtube doesn’t generate subtitles in your videos i don’t know why). Thank you once again your big fan

  5. Whitney L

    So if the keyword you’re going after isn’t in the brand name, do you recommend using a different URL? Example Hybrid BatteryDoctor vs AffordableHybridBatteryRepairTampaBay?

  6. One Greggy Brady

    Absolutely Awesome Chase!!

  7. Mohamed Hafis

    sir,do you have any ebook / pdf ?

  8. Luc Vanderham

    Thanks Chase. I like your style of demonstrating what you’ve learned: what works/doesn’t. I appreciate you sharing your experience. More experts need to do so.

  9. Denis Agca

    Your Videos are so great! Really helpfull information! Thank you so much! Thought about patreon?

  10. Tommy Owen

    Thank you!

  11. Andrew Copp

    It’s a good rap song hahahahhaha

  12. William Anderson

    ha, like 420

  13. adrian alonzo

    hi i have a question for local n.a.p i have my business name listed and just shorten the name branding logo with new shorter name how do i go about changing citations should i keep long name and just have domain pointing to shorter namw only

  14. Reinaldo Ramos

    Quick question. I know it’s a bit of topic for this specific video but when it comes to all of this link building. Let’s say I link my restaurant website to my restaurants twitter Bio. If I post something on twitter and people comment on it and share it is that considered back linking do to the fact that the twitter account has the website linked to it? Or do I have to put the actual URL on every content I post so that the URL physically spreads aswell?

  15. Y0utubePresident

    ever use scopeleads for email?

  16. oldskoolretro

    hi there do you do any seo services,

  17. Peter Kanderka

    nice office

  18. Karl Anders

    fake negative google my business reviews have hit my business website rankings. If google are going to use “social signals” for ranking they should make sure it’s not possible to leave fake 1 star reviews for businesses.

  19. Melissa Capps

    Amazing… thank you so much!

  20. Steve W

    Hey Chase, awesome video. I work for an SEO company that does local SEO but am looking to branch out on my own. I have so many questions but a big one I am hoping you can answer is, how important are geographic locations in title tags? Are they necessary? or should title tags be focused on keywords and a compelling statement to entice users to click.


  21. JeffRoom

    Hey man, thanks alot for the awesome content you give out! I’m a 15 y/o artist struggling with school because I spend my time learning about business, self-improvement and creating my art. Currently learning how to promote myself better and how to make money online. You’re helping alot with your content! Thanks again, man.

    Rock on!

  22. M A Khayer

    Thanks for the great video. can you please write the name of tools to inspect a site.

  23. TechVij

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  24. Jesse Murdock

    Could you make a post about the automation tools you use for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

  25. evadesc

    If you learn everything in this complete guide is it good enough to start a seo business and make an income? What other guides (paid or free) would you recommend for a newbie to learn before starting a seo business?

  26. MontanaUS

    Excellent @excitesubmit

  27. GTvanisaw

    SEO 2018 – The Complete Guide (Part 1)

  28. Nikolai Stakheiko

    Thank you

  29. Douglas Ison

    Love … I’ll be getting your training

  30. Clara S.

    This was super helpful! Thank you!

  31. Seo ┼čefi

    thanks my friend, it was a great publication.

  32. Allen Edison

    you lost me when you used word “huge”

  33. Apex1 Productions

    Man your stuff is good I’m I’m just learning all this I never thought it was so in depth. Will be binge watching all your videos for sure

  34. Ruthie Dudley

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