Power Button & Proximity Repair – IPhone 4 How To Tutorial


  1. FishEye Comet

    My button is broke and I can’t use it

  2. Sterling Browne

    Step 1: let your battery die | Step 2: open it | Step 3: insert paper

  3. Sonny Fish

    Is it wise to use a metal pry tool? I thought a metal pry tool, risks
    passing static electricity into some of the iPhone’s components?

  4. Josue rodriguez

    How are you going to spend time to show how to remove the board than how to
    replace the actual button? Fucking useless!

  5. rosimero silva

    good day looks mine is a Phone 4s and he was caught in Atela aituns there
    made a rtecuperaçao it in aituns updated blz there removed the way
    recuperation aii was in the right in imfinito the mace lupe uq can be?

  6. Iron Lung

    What the hell?

  7. Robert Houser

    hi… what if I ordered everything but forgot to order metal pry tool and
    precision knife and curved head tweezers??

  8. steven cutcher

    anyone else notice,they said turn off your iphone and pressed the power
    button when the power button would be broken…

  9. rundanielrun

    This is a fucking joke right?

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  11. Dionte Gilchrist

    Just buy a S7 lol

  12. dany manchster

    wtf is this crap. fucking nonsense.

  13. andrew talbot

    are you kidding me? LOOK AT THAT SHIT

  14. Adrian George

    Fuck you!

  15. studmarino

    change the title to how to dismantle ya iphone into a big pile of bits

  16. DaviVe!

    My display turns on but the touch is not working for me, any advice or I
    messed it up?

  17. mouaad aamari

    thank you that was usefull

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