On Page SEO – Learn The 12 Steps Of Onpage SEO – Blog Tips Part 1


  1. Glen Dahilan

    nice vid

  2. AstrologyTimes24

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  3. Nazmul Islam Rone

    can i use more than 4 keyword in description?

  4. Feelgood Agent Gabi Baum

    very helpful, thank you so much. Greetings from Germany 🙂

  5. Vanbel Manik

    why i cant use that keyword tool? it seems like its not a free tools right now

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    The sound terrible.

  7. Atut

    thanks Mike
    but i can’t fine part 2, even on yours blog…

  8. Oliver Cheruiyot

    Definitely very helpful video

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  10. jennie jefer

    Very helpful! Thanks …….

  11. Caleb Orgill

    This seems really sketch.

  12. ScreenPrintR

    Keyword tool appears to be gone.

  13. Vipalcon Sakt

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  14. Akshata A

    thanks. very helpful. could not find the next video about authority blogging platform. can u plz provide me with the link?

  15. Lothar Scholz

    Time wasting video.


    nice very helpful.

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    very helpful..thanku very much

  18. Victor Ramos Santander

    Great video, Thanks a lot!!

  19. Michelle Williams

    A static web site with a blog page to sale products and rank vs a blogs site with banner,,ads,etc..what would be the advanage or disadvantage of either or?…Your expertise advice would be greatly appreciated.



  21. Ishan Kaul

    its really helpful mike ….thank you …..want part II too

  22. Peter Basson

    Thanks Mike – you put it so clearly!

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  25. Artem Duplinskiy

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  26. Shehryar Aziz

    I dont think that google benefit any bold, italized or underlined words anymore.
    Also 350 words are enough now!

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  29. Vishnu Das

    nice tutorial :), and could you please tell which seo plugin used for the blog ??

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    Just repeated BS from the usual Google Broscience nonsense . That makes every Blackhat SEO Guys lought…..

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  32. Ayaz Mahmood ahmed

    I will research best keywords for your blog.

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    I have a weebly website. does that mean I’m screwed?


    More informative. Thanks for your effort

  35. Girish Nayak

    Thank you!

  36. Pathik Guha

    sir can you plz tell me how could see all the seo instructions and score to the very next of your content?

  37. Vir Ravi

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