Microsoft OneNote Tutorial


  1. ImJusNikki87

    Love the decor!!

  2. Heather Salter

    Thank you so much for a great tutorial and the comparisons between evernote and onenote. I use the notebook version in word with my mac and found that it to be a bit more appealing to the eye vs onenote, thoughts?

  3. John Vieke

    This needs to be updated. Several changes have occurred to make onenote better and closer to evernote. The web clipper has changed.

  4. David Jaquess

    Really nice overview of features of this free software/app. There is a lot of potential to link this with Outlook, which is not covered, but this video’s focus was addressed well.

  5. Sangam Agarwal

    that was helpfull]

  6. David Cox II

    Actually – the cloud integration is not required at all. You do not need a cloud account to use OneNote…

  7. Dee Gillison

    This is a good tutorial video but WHY is there no instructions on how to title your section tabs???

  8. Cindy McGrain

    Actually this seems confusing. I use Excel & Word all the time. You can make a folder, and sub folders etc. I also agree that ever note should not have been mentioned. I bought the Microsoft & one note came with it. I’m not sure, but I think I can do kind of the same things with Excel & Word. Time will tell. You can do a lot with Excel & make a database that can track a lot of this & then you can sort your database any way you want & to find what you want.

  9. Matt Oates

    Presentation was well done. Very informative.

  10. A McKay


  11. @Domobile Sveta

    I often forgot my homework, I don’t understand what is the teacher saying?I think I am a stupid student and don’t want to work hard. Last week my friend tell me try MixNote, when the teacher says important things, I take notes with voice. It is awesome. I don’t forget my homework forever. I want to recommend Mixnote to you. It is googleplay link:

  12. MzAmekia

    I have never used Onenote, although it constantly appears in my taskbar. After reviewing this video, I can now see how this application can become useful. Thank you!

  13. Paul Harding

    insanely confusing. I hate computers ……

  14. snowballs442

    In the start of the video you said to leave comments….so here is mine. I really like that shirt.

  15. D Jones

    Not interested in what EverNote does.  I am only licensed to use One Note, so the EverNote comments were distracting.

  16. LaShondra Cherry

    I wish I knew about this when I was in college!

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