Lesson 4 – Beginners SEO Tutorial Course – Keyword Research


  1. Ali Baba

    hey haider657, yeh it is. I recon because of youtube i get 60% of my traffic, just think of the audience that would view your video on youtube. If you have a skill in something do a video on it and promote your website at the same time



    @1stoptutorials That is exactly what I’m doing on my other account. Keep up the good work!

  3. ideas4islam

    good work man

  4. J Brady

    I don’t know why, but the website wont let me run a keyword check on any search engine besides altavista 🙁

  5. Furqan Shah
  6. kira68

    yeah it says Sorry, we couldn’t find any words or phrases relating to stop smoking

  7. Michelle Souster

    If the tool doesn’t work for you (like it didn’t for me… argh) you can always use the Google Keyword Tool, thats helpful but only looks at Google. Looks like this tool had been broken for a while judging by the comments left below!

  8. Chris Windsor

    Hi, the keyword tool doesnt work on the web master toolkit!!!

  9. justineppie


  10. Rey Villa

    Site doesn’t work anymore…

  11. Abhishek Barari

    Site doesnt work… 🙁

  12. Johannes Blader

    @nwdkjru i agree there is soo many products and techniques its hard to know which one to choose, lets just say ive spent alot! but it was totally worth it because i found the one course that I would buy again a million times if i had too, its that good!. but im not the type to keep a good thing all to myself you can get it here >>> bit.ly/Nr9v1y?=ulqay

  13. Kristine Seanch

    there isn’t tutorial #5… 🙁

  14. Nikola Petrov

    @evixmwr I’m hitting about $1800 a day at the moment. Finding niches that are ready to buy is the only way to go. This course explains it all => bit.ly/MNJnib?=bwbsfz

  15. Joe Welton

    @stivs88 Here is a step-by-step plan thats raking in $826 per day from video marketing on youtube. wanna know the trick? get into hungry niches and follow the plan Take a look now cos it won’t be available to the public for long. 1) search on YTube for a video called: –––»”QE Marketing Course” «–– 2) watch the short video and follow the instructions 3) work hard to implement the method and become a youtube celebrity!

  16. Masoud Rostamiyan

    i know it’s not reasonable but is it wise to use slang terms as keywords?
    e.g. you used quit smoking there…imagine a foriegn language in which the slang term quit smokin is more popular…then shall we use it?

  17. Saurabh Pasricha

    site is not working…everytime i enter any word/phrase, it shows as “Sorry, we couldn’t find any words or phrases relating to ur word”

  18. Mohamed Ahmed

    great video ali, i have got a bit of an issue because i have started to setting up my website and is practically completed however i have recently found out about SEO. can you give some advice or tips as to what i should do.

  19. RunFromRainbows

    Site is broken

  20. RunFromRainbows

    through out my research as an SEO specialist, this is a great idea. I had a client who ran a bridal store online and one of her keywords was ‘bachelorette’, after researching we found out more people search for the miss spellings than the correct spelling. So we ended up using the miss spelling over the correct and had better results

  21. RunFromRainbows

    yeah there is – watch?v=m_ovPD9Xlkc

  22. Kerem Akagündüz

    This tool doesn’t work anymore

  23. Jovy

    I agree, this tool is not working anymore.

  24. Anonymous

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  25. andy wiley

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  26. jobin sabu

    can you suggest an alternative for webmaster toolkit

  27. Barry Hickman

    Hi  Alibaba
    I have just come across your video tutorial vids and they are fabby dabby dozy please keep em coming……Fantastic

  28. Cintia Tremonti

    I just can’t find the webmaster toolkit page:)

  29. Mr. Random

    U didn’t say that you came back from a hot summer :D!
    Good work dude! thanks a lot for you time, much appreciated !

  30. Shiva Krishna Sridharala

    i cant find that webmaster tool

  31. Robert Weeks

    Link Does Not Work

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