Keyword Analysis | Keyword Planner | AdWords Keyword Planner | SEO – Part 5


  1. Sri Sita Charan Pradhan

    Sir keywords apni website me exactly paste kaha karne h iska koi practical dikha dijiye

  2. LifeWires

    super information thanks for 64 videos library thanks very much.It much of information had i been from jodhpur i would have visited your place for training. But these gives 90% training,thanks

  3. Helix academy

    for keyword analysis ,we required to fill up all details of card and payments,without doing that google adwords will not show anything ,then how to do it

  4. Vishwajeet Modanwal

    Awesome teaching…

  5. mohit shukla

    I urge people to watch at least 30 sec of ads before the video to pay something to this man..I generally skip the ads but watch for quality content like this..keep it up brother..

  6. Dipankar Das

    awesome… but try to teach more practically.

  7. Arun Kumar

    very good vedio it was very helpful

  8. Tejaswini Patil

    Thank You Sir

  9. Digital Sandeep

    sir which we take the keyword from keyword planner so google will deduct balance that keyword

  10. anurag dubey

    plz can you tell me mai is link ko khol raha hu to baar baar ye create ad karne ko kahta hai ye keyword planner par nah jaa raha he..

  11. Madame Moseille

    Thank you for the video !How are we going to put these selected keywords in our website? Do you have a video on that?

  12. Khadar Basha

    For wordpress websites, it wont show keywords in coding. Right? So, u cant say it is coming top based on content. Anyways, ur traing is very nice. Thanks.


    Very helpful, but can you please help me creating an account on Google AdWords? Because they need me to create an add before checking for a keyword. Thanks!


    sir i am not getting this graph like analysis in my adwords like yours @12:21..also i am getting the avg monthly views in the form of range such as 1k-10k..not like yours 12,100…how can i change this?

  15. Daitari Khuntia

    It is very useful

  16. Neeraj Chugh

    hello sir, after watching this video. i was trying to use keyword planner. but there in not any option like in you video. its directly go on create advertisment. pls suggest how we can analyses keywords.

  17. Peter Marshal

    Amazing video but now i am trying to create account on google adwords to impement on this video but it requires a premium ad is it free i mean google adwords or keyword planner if so please let me know .
    thank you for your great co operation in advance

  18. Sumeet Gupta

    This is the video i was looking for, bro you have created a marvellous video. Thank You

  19. Lavish Kanugo

    Thanks for sharing this information with us.


    music download website ko kese ranking karunge plz batao plzz

  21. Humera Shah

    Thanks a lot, sir.. simple and easy to understand.

  22. Hemant Kumar

    sir i am very thankfull by bottom of myheart for giving us full command on seo

  23. baby Doll shagufta

    Thank u

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