Keeping it Clean With a Cat Litter Mat

Cat Litter Mat

Cats are known to be one of the cleanest pets anyone could ever have. They do not need bathing because they lick themselves clean already, and they only dispose of in generally one area. But sometimes, even cats can get dirty after they did the deed in the litter box. After scratching around and trying to cover up his or her waste, your cat might spray some of the soiled litter around the box, and there is nothing you can do except sweeping it off or suck it in a vacuum cleaner. Worse, cats can sometimes track cat litter all around the house after using the cat litter, leaving your once-spotless floor with a trail of paw prints. If want to lessen your cleaning chores and keep your house and cat clean, then getting a cat litter mat is a good idea.

A Doormat for Cats

A cat litter mat functions as a doormat for cats that catch all the dirt, waste, and litter that a cat can kick out of the litter box. It is placed in the litter box for more efficiency. A litter mat does not eliminate the fact that you have to clean up around the litter box, but it makes it easier for you because all the dirt and litter is just collected in just one area.

A litter mat is made of rubber. It is also designed for its surface to be a littler rough and textured, so it catches the dirt. And since it is a doormat for cats, it is also a tool for dirty cats to rub off the dirt from their paws when they come and leave the litter box, making your furniture, fabrics, and your floor free of random paw prints of litter.

Getting a cat litter mat is also a great way to keep your cat safe. Because it catches any waste and litter from your cats’ paws, it makes sure that there is nothing hazardous for your cat to ingest once he or she licks her paws clean. Not only is a litter mat easier for you cleaning chores, but it is also a great tool for your cat to be clean inside and out.

How to Buy a Cat Litter Mat
Rubber and fiber

If you are looking for a heavy-duty litter box mat, then a rubber mat is best for you. Since it is made from plastic, this type of mat is often resistant to wear and tear of long-term use. Aside from this, it also able to resist stains and can be very easy to clean. However, if you want a litter box mat that can double as a sleeping mat for your kitty, then the fiber litter mat is a better option for you. Because of its soft and fibrous material, your kitty will also want to take his naps on it. It can also go to your kitty’s food bowl to trap scraps and debris.

Size matters

When it comes to buying a cat litter box, it’s good to purchase one that has the right size. Be sure that no matter which direction your kitty comes out from, he can conveniently wipe his paws.

There are some factors that you have to consider in choosing a cat litter mat for your cat. The first thing you have to look for is the size. Make sure that it is bigger than the litter box and catches your cats’ paw when it comes and goes. This is also to ensure that you clean just one area, and your cats have a large space enough to rub his paws on. The second thing is the texture. The general rule of thumb is that the more ridges there are, the better because it traps the dirt in better.

Getting a cat litter mat will make for a cleaner house and a cleaner cat, while saving you time from cleaning.

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