Itunes 12 Tutorial – How To Sync Songs To Your IPhone, IPad Or IPod


  1. XxJessyCat

    It didn’t work for me. But then i hit something and i made it a playlist and then dragged it and it worked. Lol. Idk what the heck I did but at least it worked so on the bus I don’t have to listen to all the little kids screaming 🙂

  2. Ai Ceviche

    itune SUCKS

  3. Fahira Salihbegovic

    Mine doesn’t show the sync music part. What do I do?

  4. Denise Pandullo

    I do not know why dragging my music to my iphone is not working? Can you help me out with this? I am working with Windows 10 and an updated iTunes. I have an iPhone 6.


  5. Vartesh Kumar

    chutiya bc son of a bitch
    we r asking u about syncing downloaded songs to itunes of iphone itself not to transfer from pc to ios motherfucker

  6. sharon heller

    Can I sink playlist to my nano touch iPod ?

  7. Sandra Dance

    I cannot download music that have on my computer because it says I have I cloud music library on. Even after I am switching it off, I still cannot download anything. Did anybody else faced that? What should i do?

  8. andre232323

    Didnt work because my Itunes 12 doesnt look as yours as default. Got lost

  9. John Haines

    thanks i needed all the help i can get lol

  10. Yanjie Zhou

    It worked quite good until I turn on the icloud music library on my iphone after I made sure that all the songs are in my phone, all the songs I added from my laptop disappeared. Is there anyone who can help me with this?

  11. Rohan Prakash

    Dude thanks soooo I always used my laptop for music but now it so much easier!!!

  12. Karen Berg

    2 different ipods, I want to merge songs from both ipods to the itunes library. Is that possible? Also how would I download CD into the itunes library? I do know how to put tunes from the library onto the ipods.

  13. Daryl ArtShow

    itunes could not backup because a session could not be started with the iphone

  14. litrize1

    what about music not purchased from iTunes and the music already on my PC? im confused as heck still…

  15. Smellavision

    I never understood why you have to use itunes. non apple devices you just drag and drop/copy/delete from your file browser. why do you need extra software for just copying files from your computer to a device. Copying music from my computer to my android phone is basically like using any flash drive. drag and drop. why is apple itunes so complicated? open file browser, drag and drop. end of pc/android music management tutorial.

  16. balitang visdak

    iTunes could not connect to the iPad “iPad” because an invalid response was received from the device.OK

  17. storm_chick

    mine doesn’t some up with the device thing what do i do?

  18. ArtsyCosmicDreamer :D

    So apparently Apple made it so that you can only import PLAYLIST S AND THAT EACH SONG MUST BE BROUGHT MANUALLY


  19. Zed

    This guy is so fucking annoying. 15 seconds of pure wack intro. Followed my rambling for 9/10ths of the video. The bit that’s useful is about as long as his intro too.

  20. Casslyn Ng

    I don’t have an usb plug on my computer, I got the new macbook, it doesn’t have any. Can it done with bluetooth ?

  21. Anonoymous_User

    Can an Iphone 5s store over 7,000 songs?

  22. zagan 05

    what if the music i sync doesn’t play? how do i fix that problem?

  23. lý hiếu

    it”s not that easy uya know!!!!

  24. arshi Nair

    I have a question. I have connected my ipod to my computer however I cant see my ipod music folders in the itune screen.

  25. Shadowsgames 15

    So what your telling me
    Is that I have to buy a computer to get the rest of my music

    If so I’m getting a Samsung

  26. Habib Qamberi

    do the check marks play a role in syncing?

  27. Ronil Bora

    thank you soooooo muck

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