Itunes 11 Tutorial – How To Sync Songs To Your IPhone, IPad Or IPod


  1. Julie Ann Soriano

    thumbs up 🙂

  2. Erman Kazic

    When you click apply does it sync the music right away?

  3. Lunaa
  4. Hector Santos

    Thank you. Huge help. I want to keep my videos and movies on my iPod but want to sync only the music. If I follow your advice for auto sync will it delete the videos and movies? What option do I have? Many Thanks!

  5. Owen McCafferty

    Don’t know if you answered my question but what if you try to download the songs from your PC to your Iphone you get a can’t convert file on the song???

  6. sergio carmona
  7. Sam Hudgins

    on the remove and sync and remove does it put the music in iTunes so i still have that music for later?

  8. how-to's with Ava

    i have been trying to figure how to do this for hours then i looked at your tutorial and i got it straight away! thanks!

  9. Sue Machado

    How about the iTunes 12 version?

  10. Shunshinee Poweer

    Tysm In Gonna Subscribe U

  11. tina villagran

    Help! I can’t transfer music, I can’t even find it at all. I have all my music on an external drive and it don’t even pull up at all!

  12. Pinche Ale

    thanks man 🙂

  13. Harith Hazim Hazim

    oh my god ..please3 help me..i use my computer 34bit itunes it work like a chram but!..when i buy a new laptop i use itunes 64 bit its won sync..its connect to the laptop but its not  detect on myy itunes….i using itunes 10..please help T_T

  14. Olivia Frost

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  15. Jayson Carrera

    thanks man…



  17. Phillip Geon

    Hey guys I might be noob but let me ask does this save in my Apple ID? That sounds fun if it is. Thanks For the Responds (if it has)

  18. M

    How can you sync your music from your iphone to your macbook ??

  19. Nawras EpicDuel

    well i have formated my laptop so my old music library is gone now how can i transform my music from my iphone to my laptop xD?

  20. Theresa Lawson

    Thank you for your clear instructions!

  21. Angel Vargas

    how to sink my music from iphone to windows pc?

  22. blap200

    Brilliant! Someone who explains this so well and straight to the point.

  23. creative studio

    Its nice and keep making more

  24. Daniel

    This video helped a LOT

  25. lewis phillip james ray

    I’M USING A PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Shivroop singh

    Can i connect my iphone to my friend’s itunes ?
    it will delete my whole of the data or not?

  27. sneha mishra

    where we find the snyc music

  28. Harry S


  29. Abul Salique

    Can you tell me please how transfer my music from my I pad to my iPhone 6 Plus

  30. LovelyLaura LPS

    Noooo I want to know how to sync music from IPAD to COMPUTER

  31. hanshotfirst1138

    Just our of curiosity, what is the order in which iTunes syncs songs? It seems totally random when they’re going onto the phone.

  32. Tank kelly

    Can I transfer my music from 80 gig iPod to my 128gig iPhone 6s Plus?

  33. Bree 182

    How do I transfer my music to my iPod nano from my windows 10 pc ?

  34. Lance XNA Zimmerman

    *Guys, just use this if you really need fast iTunеs cаrds for frеe and forget other bs*

  35. veronica vazquez

    I dont have no one to help me to get my new I pod turn on into my I tunes help

  36. veronica vazquez

    I dont have no one to help me to get my new I pod turn on into my I tunes help

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  38. cmdte M.

    Thanks man, you helped me a lot, took an old iPhone4 from drawer and wanted to use it as mp3 player and had no idea on how to add mp3s, its been about 6 years I had not used one of these non sense ios devices, much simpler with a android device, but I had the iPhone already, never going back to this ios rediculous stuff.

  39. Charlsie Irish

    thanks.. also, my friends use ZillaTube.. it is easier, faster and downloads great quality music. I find it easy to use too. Use google search to find “ZillaTube”

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