IPhone 7 Plus Camera Tips, Tricks, Features And Full Tutorial


  1. scruncci 202

    does’t there suposted to be a portrate mode because i have a 7 plus and it has slowmotion,timelaspe,video.photo,portrate,square,pano

  2. Sangeeta Heines

    Nice. Check this one too https://youtu.be/ueynTz1in94

  3. Hauzel Dongkhanlal

    Why Apple doesn’t offer 16:9 aspect ratio of the camera.thats the reason why i don’t buy iPhone.

  4. Xiong Julie

    Good job, Your video let me benefit, let me more aware of the lack of my work, I will improve, if someone wants to buy mobile phone repair tools, you can look at vipfixphone.com.

  5. pen phillips

    I can never find where the “link” is? Can you point it out pls as I want to buy the leather cover.

  6. i saniya

    The iphone 7 plus is overrated, i have 2 iphone X

  7. Agro guy

    Wow thx bro I’m getting the iphone7 plus matte black 128gb and I was in love with the camera but didn’t know how to use it to its full potential this helped alot

  8. Yöuñg Zët

    Why my iPhone is not same as ur …

  9. xilefw

    acutally, the burst mode doesn’t exist with the timer in IOS11…any comment on this please?

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