How To Train Your Puppy Not To Bite


  1. susendrabalaji rangaswamy

    have you ever been bitten by any dog

  2. kitty cat

    when a dog is excited or scared you don’t pet them to re assure them.. that just rewards behavior that is unwanted! the dog should be calm BEFORE it is pet.

  3. Kush Kylie

    Not sure about this… a dog needs to learn that an open mouth is a bad thing. How will he learn that if you never teach that? Even a mother dog will actively discipline her puppy if he’s too mouthy.

    What you’re teaching here is to just get used to stimulating actions, not specifically that biting is bad. This training is good for keeping your dog calm in these situations, but again, never teaches him that biting is bad.

    I figure this kind of training can make a dog more prone to bite as a negative response, where as training a dog that biting all together is a “NO” action, he will find other coping methods.

    I’ve noticed that you stay away from discipline, even the verbal kind (I call it alpha voice) or even physical cues (what I like to refer to as look-at-my-eyes-pointing or holding your hand like a stop signal to have you dog focus on you). Discipline is necessary when correcting bad behaviour in ANY animal. Even us humans. When humans are never disciplined for their bad behaviour, we tend to become self absorbed and self entitled brats. Dogs are the same way. They need to hear the word “NO” or see a physical cue that tells them no, in order to learn that their current behaviour is wrong. That’s how every basic mammal is constructed. It’s NOT abusive!

    Major eye roll for the misinformation.

  4. Marcus weir

    how do you click

  5. Marcus weir

    what able one that just left it’s mom

  6. dil demo

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  7. Ruben peña romero

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  8. Koinonia Dogs

    I use this all the time with clients. Thank you, Kikopup! Do you teach a Target/Hand Touch at the same time? I ran into that bit of confusion with an 8wo ACD today.

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