How To Train A Dog To ‘Heel’ (


  1. Miriam

    Nice video! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    What is the best age to start training this command? What age does Gipsy has here?

  2. Cali Dazze

    This was Helpful. Thank you.

  3. Products and Services

    Great info thanks #dttfydapgih

  4. Abdullah Malik

    my siberian huskg leared to heal in 10 minutes

  5. Cameron McMahen

    Took my 100+ lb great dane/lab mix no time to pick this up at 1.5 years, thank you.

  6. Bad Wolf

    My 10 week old German Shepherd puppy can sit, lie down, stay, come (when whistled), shake and ‘leave it.’ This is the first vid I’ve used, she learned it in 8 minutes. This breed is a smart one!

  7. Angel Belladonna

    way too distracted on how cute that puppy is

  8. Heather Burton

    Love the dogs name <3

  9. X7KING7X

    How old do our gsd dogs will start training

  10. Melissa Schutz

    I’m working on heel now with my shepherd. I am finding when i start bringing movement in he is jumping up towards the treat. Do I just ignore the jumping and still reward at the heel/sit?

  11. mmoumdji

    What does the “heel” command mean? Is it like “follow”? I’m not English speaking so I don’t really get it.

  12. Kevin Turner

    Love your videos !

  13. Skittzy

    if i clicker train. instead of saying good girl id click n reward? and possibly click a few times before rewarding such as 5 click for continuous good jobs then reward?

  14. OrangeCreamSoda AJ

    aww i love my baby boy german shepherd.

  15. Jessica Grimshaw

    What a beautiful dog!!!

  16. Nunya Bizz

    what kind of treats do you give to a GSD? I know you have to be very careful about which brand. my GSD only eats Purina.

  17. Sachika

    Thanks a lot, it really helped with my dog! He has already known how to walk on lose leash and how to come to heel position…However the walk was a mess and I was frustrated because he was not walking right next to me but always tried to be in front of me. He’s a mixed breed boy (he has some bull type dog in him), clever but very stubborn. This is a great method, we have visible results just in 2 days and I’m soooo happy! 🙂

  18. Brandon Myler

    My german shepherd doesn’t really pay attention to me. He sort of just does what I tell him once, then goes off and does his own thing as if the treat wasn’t good enough to keep him around. What should I be doing differently?

  19. Devasheesh Garbyal

    what do you guys use at treats ?

  20. Kekistani ministry of truth

    I’ve done everything in this video and have been doing it for half an hour, she just lyes down and starts crying what do I do?

  21. Richard M

    Lol Why did you name her Gypsy?

  22. stephen grg

    hw to teach my dog to roll..

  23. Angelica Smith

    Now if only WE could train HeePoo-brews, the world might be somewhat saner.

  24. SLR33406

    Gypsy’s a beautiful moving GSD also! Lovely to watch from the side. She’s forward, light, and lofty! Excellent foundation training! Love your videos! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  25. MsTexxys

    How old was Gipsy at this point?

  26. Black & white

    عاشت ايدج حبي

  27. L.J. Kye Dobermanns

    Good STUFF!

  28. Beelzebob the innocent

    Great video ! best training method…..good dog !! My GSD has me well trained, I show people she has no idea what a threatening human posture is, If you think you need to strike your dog, watch these vids until you do not

  29. Alex Samson

    im having a hard time luring my puppy to follow the treat or toy. what can i do?

  30. JUST

    gypsy is what breed?

  31. Heather C

    first, oh my god gypsy is so cute! and great video! Really appreciate it with my new puppy.

  32. Taprack13

    If you use this method say heel raher than good girl when treating. In my opinion you are teaching good girl not heel.

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