How To Teach Your Dog To STOP Pulling! (part 1)


  1. Enkhchimeg Mara Sengee

    This is so useful, sometimes I get so overwhelmed by my lil puppy willing to explore the world

  2. Rick K

    The title of this clip is”…to STOP pulling! (part 1)”
    Although the use of your dog to explain and demonstrate the training process is helpful, I think it is a bit misleading.
    Your dog is clearly already trained to do the behavior you are demonstrating.
    You are showing us how to teach a dog not to pull by using a dog that is clearly already trained not to pull.
    As you know, the beginning of the training process is the most challenging because the dog has no idea what you expect of her.
    It takes tons of patience and consistent repetitions to teach this or any other behavior.
    The dog will likely resist your efforts, ignore your efforts, or do a million other things as it tries in vain to figure out what it is supposed to do.
    Unfortunately, your video doesn’t address any of these issues.
    For example, “I tried to get my dog to follow me in a circle while keeping a loose lead, but she always tries to go the other direction, dragging me with her.”
    “What do I do?”
    THAT’S the missing ingredient of your video.
    You don’t offer any advice on how to handle common stumbling blocks that occur when teaching your dog to stay loose, Your message seems to be “when you finally get your dog trained, this is what it will look like.”
    Watching how you handle an untrained dog who DOESN’T know those steps and how you handle those situations would be much more helpful.

    Having said all that, I must say that you videos are awesome. I’ve already used them to train my own dog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Daya Garg

    You are seeing in my soul

  4. The Mad Man

    Really good tips thank you! Also can you get closer to the camera please. Maybe just your eyes while your talking.

  5. Monica Ilona

    There are a few components to training a dog. One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the most incredible guide i’ve heard of.look at the great info .

  6. Frank Haala

    great work my friend. Positivity makes the difference. Best from Berlin!

  7. Olivia-Chan The Anim8r

    I have a really strong German shepherd that practically drags me around. She isn’t a year old yet and they say dogs are really hyper the first two years. How do I get my dog to focus on what I’m trying to practice with her? I think I might buy a clicker


    Can I’ll try your work with my Rotwieler Maximus…?

  9. Lesley Goynes


  10. Rachels Vlogs

    Do u live in Dubai cuz I used to live there 🙂

  11. Rosana Vidal

    Thank you for this! So helpful.

  12. RiiZe

    im scared.

  13. MyImmaculateQueen

    Great video but would be better if you blinked.

  14. Ryan Polaski

    You should explain to everybody what the clicker is for. Explain why you click and how it builds or shapes Behavior. You’re Expecting the average person to understand.


    Thank you thank you!

  16. Moises Duval

    Great video

  17. Shivam Sompura

    My pet pulls me like a bull. and if i try to change the directions, well simply i can’t it pulls me with such intensity.Your pet is pretty disciplined though.

  18. The Rake Creature

    Do you have a video for teaching your dog to walk off a leash?

  19. shubham tripathi

    How to teach dog to go

  20. Tony Cook

    Top advice

  21. Samaria Maynarich Burga

    I disagree with you because me and my parents own a dog Shelter and you need your dog to explore because that will make your dog now the dangers also your time when you are walking so follow along and you trained your dog with punishment for it can follow you so so yeah

  22. Colleen McClintock

    Hi Tab,  I love your videos.  How do you walk/exercise your puppy before you have taught good behavior (not pulling)?  Should I wait until she learns at home?  A related question is how do you balance socializing a dog  with other people / dogs prior to the puppy learning good behavior?  Isn’t taking the dog for walks (before loose waling is learned) reinforcing the pulling? Thanks.

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