How To Teach Your Dog To Play Dead ‘Bang Bang’ Chicago Dog Training


  1. jollyjamhunter


  2. Rose Hassan

    my puppy learned this right away thank you 🙂

  3. Mandy mandylovesyou13

    Hello a karma a blue heeler?

  4. Britney

    I know what I’m going to teach my 3 month old german shepherd tomorrow. Thank you!

  5. Freedom Tryggve

    Why use a clicker? I had 2 but am always misplacing or losing them. Does it make a large difference to use or not use a clicker? Also noticing that you don’t say Bang or any words when you are beginning.

  6. Fatima Torres

    my puppy is so lazy

  7. FetchGrid

    Instructions unclear dog stuck in a toaster

  8. FetchGrid

    Hey guys if you don’t have a clicker use some type of console controller because if you press down on the moving sticks it makes a clicking sound another way is if you have an easy button take out the battery’s and every time you click it, it makes a clicking sound

  9. CizaComics

    if I tried to teach my dog this I would be missing an arm by the time I achieve it

  10. IAM TECH

    My dog doesn’t give a fuck!!!!!

  11. XxxSilverStreamXxx

    So far I taught my little frenchie to say hello. Hand shake.

  12. Steven Harrison

    Thanks for this. I’ve been trying this trick with my boy. Not doing too bad but I’ve definitely been doing it wrong. I think this trick is really impressive. Cheers

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