How To Teach Your Dog To CALMLY Walk On A LOOSE LEASH (part II)


  1. Ace Hide

    You seriously have a beetle face do something mate seriously

  2. Jennifer McConochie

    I found this trainer easy to understand, with good videos of the behavior desired and how to get it from your dog. Thank you Training Positive!

  3. ckusel123

    Haha, love it. My pup has been yanking me as I try to lock the door. So simple. I’m going to go in and out of my door several times with her and look like a crazy person to my neighbors in about 10 minutes, lol!

  4. Brenda Malone

    I wish I would of found you sooner You are really good at this, after one lesson I saw a hugh difference, thank you so much. Please keep putting your info up. we need someone like you. Thanks so much. sunshine

  5. Lori Goodby

    So glad to have found Training Positive videos! They provide training that is clearly explained and demonstrated.These lessons are just what I needed to watch and am having much more success with my Aussie Cattle puppy. Thank you so much!

  6. marianne030

    what do you do when the dog always want to sniff and pulls you even when you call him?

  7. Pee Cee

    brilliant videos

  8. HDBites

    I Just Realized This Video Was Make Before Liking It Was A Rating System. From 2010

  9. Deac Cosmin

    good job

  10. Ducki Contreras

    Hi. I like your calm demeanor. My question is do you verbally reprimand when dog pulls or bolts such as NO! It’s different I think in dealing with a reactive dog such as mine although she does respond to me. I’ve wondered if they even hear when they are in that sate of mind. But I do think your videos show the methods well! Thank you! I’m a new dog trainer so I appreciate watching other trainers work tom prove my techniques.

  11. Samantha Sullivan

    I am really trying to teach my dog using your methods. It takes some time! However, in the meantime, I still need to walk him so that he gets exercise. I just don’t know what to do because he pulls so much that we cannot even get through the walk without turning around a hundred times to train him. Should I allow the pulling until he learns, so that he can get the exercise he needs, or should I just avoid walking him until he learns not to pull? Walking him is just not possible right now, he makes it so difficult for me.

  12. Samantha Anderson

    Thank you for your videos. I am learning so much. Can you please do a video on how to help reactive dogs? I live in an dog friendly apartment community, but have a difficult time with my 1yr old German Shepherd bc he wants to bark and lunge at any dog he sees. Thanks!

  13. Joey Racaza

    Thank you for your video, I learned some positive tricks and I’m now applying it.

  14. Erik Brubaker

    thank you.

  15. Laura Barber

    i like you style! I am looking forward to using this technique with my dogs! I would love for them to be more calm when they see the leash! Thank you!

  16. LPS Kayla - And More!

    Part ii finally part ii

  17. AJ James

    Thanks for the info! My dog is super good at being off leash and listening to commands but was brutal on leash unless I had a choker. I wanted something less harsh and like you said to make it more enjoyable for the both of us so I saw your video. It’s starting to work and thanks for the tips!

  18. Jarka Krepelova

    I simply love your training! It is always so clear msg how to do it.

  19. Susan McAuley

    The leash idea was brilliant, I hadn’t thought of that before.

  20. Bhola Ram Bhola Prajapati

    how to teach our dog to do welcome please upload your video

  21. Bhola Ram Bhola Prajapati

    how to teach our dog to catch the ball

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