How To Teach Give Paw, High Five, Wave Hello – Dog Training


  1. Psyco the Super pup

    Amy dog knows paw and when you walk outside he will just smack you with it coming out the door

  2. Molly Chester

    Could you help me please because I have tried this method of training a dog to give paw, but it hasn’t worked. My dog just gives up when she doesn’t get the treats at her nose and often just walks away. How can I fix this?

  3. Jeremiah Simpkins

    I have train my dog from his left paw to his right paw when I give him right hand he give me his right paw and same left also wave and high five and hugs (i do this sometimes without treats) and I’m still teaching him create

  4. Vivian Nguyen

    I thought you’d need to SAY the tricks out though.

  5. Ethan Al

    I want to teach my dog to wave hello but to the command of “sieg heil”

  6. Jordan Ranker

    very good

  7. jeeper

    Great way to train a dog to give paw THANKS. My puppy thanks you too.

  8. verlyn chase

    i am the girl i love animals and i trying to teach a dog to paw so now i know thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you so much

  9. Annaloussia

    This is so helpful, I was struggling on my own to teach my dog to give paw. Today I tried your method and he progressed so fast. The first 4 attempts he didn’t quite understand what he was supposed to do but he really got it afterwards. Thank’s a lot 🙂

  10. Kaylin Brownell

    Ugh my dog won’t do it

  11. Brett Downs

    “We lost several pairs of shoes in the house, a wristwatch, TV remotes, almost half of our carpet, no thanks to our misbehaved dog[Go Here== ]. This was before we came across Doggy Dan’s website. After series of training and providing many helpful tools I can now say that the dog may be regarded as one of the best behaved dogs in the country, if not the best.”

  12. Moonlight droplet

    um my dog doesnt lift her paw

  13. Andy Marquez

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    Wаtсh Herе==►►►►►►

  14. Ashley

    U are doing a great job

  15. CallumNUFC

    My dog learnt it in 10 minutes. Proud of him♥️

  16. Mr. Pickles

    My dog is Rat Terrier she don’t know how to shake hands

  17. Jenny Sevilla

    Thank you

  18. unicornsani2003

    my dog got freaked out about my hand being over his nose.

  19. Isabella Villanueva

    I did this and trained my puppy to give me his paw. He’s still a bit stubborn though but helpful video thanks

  20. Craig Johnston

    wow, tried hours for my puppy to do this but she couldn’t do it. after less than 5 minutes of trying this way she does it all the time now. great video

  21. J S

    I tried you tip on shaking his paw. It worked!!! It took him less than 10 minutes to learn this trick. Thank you. I will work on the others later.

  22. invader zim

    My dog just licks my hand instead of putting her paw out.

  23. Ginny Unicorn vlog

    Today I adopted a dog

  24. Crown Tastic

    Thanks so much my dog learned this in 7 mins!

  25. Ice Cat4

    It worked. I guess not many other people got it working lol.

  26. Smigs

    My shih tzu just stares and my hand full of treats and cries

  27. Kenadi Too lit

    Doesn’t work my dog looked at me sideays

  28. xrxoxo

    My dog is about 6 years old is it still possible to teach them new tricks?

  29. Dawson Hill Vlogs

    My dog ended up learning to roll over

  30. Kloey Johnson

    my puppy is definitely not at this learning age

  31. Sage Alice

    My dog doesn’t try to paw the treat out of my hand.

  32. Emmanuel Nunez

    What kind of dog is that

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