How To Teach Any Dog To FETCH!


  1. Dominique West

    This video cleared up a little detail I was missing, thanks! Hey if you haven’t already, check out Daryl Arktrom’s website, there’s material that’s super powerful to make your dog do as you desire 🙂

  2. GlitterWorld 101

    Who’s watching this in 2016

  3. McKean Collins

    Your dog is so cute what kind is it

  4. Dion Navarrette

    i look foward too doing this thank you

  5. U tube You

    My dog brings the toy back but then when I try to get it, he runs away.

  6. Farah

    What dog breed is that please?

  7. mad d

    lol…the music

  8. Sofia Garcia

    where do u buy the clicker

  9. Chatterbox & Frisco

    First off, if the clicker thing works for you then have at it. Personally, i just snap my fingers and my gsd obeys competely. Second, at about 3:07 you use the clicker while he’s still holding the thing in his mouth. So honestly, what’s the point of using the clicker without a command. I snap my fingers just before the command, my dog obeys

  10. Super Dragon

    Yeah no. Not happening with my dog.
    All he cares about is food. If he smells good anywhere near he will refuse to do anything. Won’t care about any toys. Just the food. So I’ll be stuck here forever.

    How do you go around teaching a dog to fetch if he won’t even bother to grab any object in the first place? I can’t have treats in a 30 meter radius as hell sniff it out.
    He will sit, and will only take treats on command, he’ll I got to balance then on his nose, but fetch? Yeah no. Not happening

  11. Nandni Jotwani

    hi can i use any sock with the ball??? or anything else

  12. Leticia Officiel

    what you are giving him to eat please

  13. Amanda Beals

    you are the best

  14. Amanda Beals

    thank you so much

  15. Amanda Beals

    how did u find out how to do this so easy

  16. Fricken Nuggets

    I think my dog is broken

  17. C4 Exploder

    I sware this guy looks stoned in every video

  18. Rajesh Singh

    i want to buy a german sheford
    which one will better
    at home
    male or female

  19. Leo B

    Well this dog seems smart and fast learner, he’s eager to pick it up. Can you show what to do if the dog is “dumb” and just stands there staring or wanders off?

  20. Demented Glitcher

    fuck dude close up is not for you freaky looking cunt sketchy look I g too

  21. necro flair

    My dog keeps thinking that I want to shake paw

  22. krishna kumar

    my dog gives me shake hand only when i give it treat?why like that

  23. StarSoldier

    That’s a good girl getting your keys!

  24. Mason Pharr

    Ok look. I have a 2 year old German shepherd. I got her at this age. I’ve taught her how to come and how to sit. She isn’t interested in a tennis ball. Even squeaky toys. She ignores them completely. I’ve tried following the steps of multiple videos but can’t seem to get her to fetch. Can someone please help

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