How To Teach Any Dog PERFECT Obedience! (Sit,Down,Stand)


  1. abdellah larmed

    hey my friend i like this very much but many people tell me after
    duration he will forget his training and return to beginning is this true ??

  2. Kill for Kicks Music

    how to do u get them from down to sit or from sit to stand. my dog just stays sitted or down when i tell her that

  3. Ryan Haun

    My dog started disobeying commands when we introduced a new puppy is there any tips you can give to restructure my dog to obey commands again

  4. antonius surya

    this is the best channel for dog training. simple, no rubbish talk, just straight to the main points of dog training. so easily to understand. thank you bro.

  5. The Mad Man

    Jump scare

  6. Rituja Patil

    what about potty training

  7. Tomboy Shepherd

    Trying to learn*
    Staring into my soul*

  8. idestroi1

    hey its pedro from napoleon dynamite

  9. Andres Arana
  10. DJ Rehab

    My dogs a bit, slow you could call him, his a German shepherd cross kelpie. I try to lure him but he practically bites my hand off, idk if it’s that he thinks my hand tastes like bacon or if the food does

  11. Jeanne Carstens

    How can anyone give you a thumbs-down?
    Great teaching- thank you!

  12. syed furqhan

    wow that gsd is awesome and smartest.

  13. gabrielle mitchell

    I have a german shepard as well and when i get her a treat, she bites me pretty hard. I tried to give her the treat in a different position and storing some in my pocket rather than a whole bunch but she seems to keep biting rather hard. I get really frustrated when she does this but I take a deep breath and try again. Is there any solutions to get her to stop biting so much?

  14. rajesh singh

    why you’re vdos is not in Hindi

  15. Pronounced Kha-neh Kor-so

    Talk much?…jesus not even a dog in the video…Your such a great trainer…NOT!!!…great at yappin though

  16. Davis Barr

    Fact: positive reinforcement works best on dogs. Not a fact: works best on all other animals.

    Horses respond to alpha training more than positive reinforcement, for instance. They desire YOUR confident leadership more than praise.

    But … doing more good than bad is necessary to earn their respect and love. Horses are motivated by fear basically, they are herd animals but as large as they are they are prey animals and respond to leadership not praise.

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