How To Set Up Your New IPhone 5s


  1. Tammy Fernau

    so u have 2 have a iphone sim card or No what I mean is u can’t use a LG sim card?

  2. Ariff Nazree

    my ip5s can’t download any apps, bcz of wht huh? beginner here

  3. Q Hero

    can’t connect to wifi on my iphone 5

  4. Esther nyasulu

    I’m getting mine can’t wait!!!! it’s space grey!

  5. Snuffgurl 0124

    What Is u don’t have WiFi??

  6. william Elliot

    just call:- (1-888-704-9305) If you backed up via iphone connect your iPhone the computer that you backed up your old iPhone to. iTunes will check that you want to restore from backup of set up as new. if any issue related how to configure iphone you need to contact us for this number.

  7. Geraldine Keifer

    LOL, and you really hide your Wi-Fi Password from us (track 0:41)… it’s not that we can actually connect to your wi-fi modem From South Africa.

  8. Mani Singh

    GTA 5

  9. katrina

    After I sign in, click agree to terms and conditions it waits a few seconds and pops up with a box saying Could not sign in ? how do I fix this my friend reset it without me knowing and now its doing this crap and now says “Oh well ig ur going to have to take it to apple and get it fixed for 20$ oops” I’m fucking triggered.

  10. Bircan Erbas

    What The

  11. Arthur Gonzalez

    okay I bought the same phone and I click English and then click United States but then I after that it won’t bring up other wifi why is that?

  12. Santosh Kumar Shivaray

    What if we don’t have WiFi connection in our house..??

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