How To Make A WordPress Website 2017 | Divi Tutorial


  1. Isabel Sánchez

    Hi ferdy! I’ve bought enfold but now i have some requests i cant not solve with it, i’m thinking about buying divi, but i need advise, do you hAve idea if i can do the following with this theme? I have a client a she wants the following:

    1- she wants several pages, each of the pages she wants to be in different colours, i mean one page in blue, other in orange, red, etc.. I was wondering if i can change the colour of the font for each page, because she wnats to highlight ramdom words for ecah page in the correspondant colour. (you know whay i mean?)

    2- in the menu, i would like to hoover and maintain the colour corresponding for the page. I mean, if that page is in red, i’d like to have the link menu in red, that supposed to be different colours for each link.

    3- she wants to put diagrams in the pages. For example, a big circle (In blue colour) in the middle of one page and over that circle, put some text.

    really appreciate your support.

    regards and Merry Xmas!!!

  2. ashaduzzaman piyas

    i have some problem with uploading vedios.wordpress saying can not upload vedios more than 2 can i upload 10/15 mb vedios.

  3. Ken Stovall

    If I need to delete my current work and start over completely on my current theme how would I do this ??

    Thanks !!

  4. MuslimShoutOut TV

    Thanks for this. I think native english speaking tutorials go wayyyy tooo fast so thanks for the divi noob like me 🙂 subscribed!

  5. bodhisattva

    This is so helpful! Thank you so much!

  6. OerTube

    This tutorial is great! But… I do have a problem at 23 min. 42 sec. If I click on latest work, the permalink is fine, but I get an error “404 not found”. I build a few wordpress sites before, never a Divi, this is the first time I get this error. Can you help me out please? By the way, I’m dutch also, but in case anyone else has the same problem, better talk english

  7. statistical analysis

    can you tell me about how many type of themes available like divi theme,themify ultra…..and what is difference basically between them.

  8. Miro Tóth

    Hey Ferdy… I would like to know your opinion… what is in the better theme for you, Enfold or Divi 3.0? What do you prefer, or what you like on Enfold that Divi is lacking and vice versa… thanks!


    Hello my friend, I really wanted your help, I created a website, I have not really been able to create it, I’m Brazilian and I’m very difficult on the DIVI theme, which here in Brazil is still the first version, could you help me, grateful

  10. saddamhossain

    sourse file

  11. Britney Strum

    Thank you so much for the amazing content, Please I’d like to know if Divi theme 3.0 is compatible with Yoast SEO

  12. Andrey Filin

    Hello, everyone masters!
    Who can help me?
    Can I set up a blog in Divi_3_theme options as in the picture?
    See attached picture:
    Sorry if this is off topic.
    But I want to know before buy Divi_3.
    I would be very grateful for the informative answer.

  13. Saim Ali

    i am new in wordpress can any one help me out i am not able to fine the editor option in my chrome browser

  14. Mike Powell

    Can I increase the size of my LOGO?  Having some difficulty.

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