How To Change Your Apple ID From Your IPhone – IPhone Tutorial


  1. Kacper Piotrowski

    I need a lot of help. I’m currently using my Lenovo but when I signed in, I gave an email address that has no use because the website domain, like yahoo was my own name so how do I change it not being signed in?

  2. Sparky

    Hello!my gf have iphone 4 and have a apple id,i don`t know the password.Can i add another apple id???on iphone?

  3. Who's Zach

    Don’t you lose all your data doe

  4. Boss Hyena


  5. Just_Jacob_ Boi_

    Does it delete everything on the phone

  6. Free Michael

    Omfg i got hacked and this is the shit i get

  7. Dopebabys

    thanks so much dude

  8. Aimee Flanagan
  9. Oliver Gibbs

    Love it just amazing

  10. Rahman Boyzzz
  11. Azada Azad

    I cannot change my apple id. It is saying that “you cannot get any more apple id on this iphone.”
    Is there a limit on adding apple ids on iphones?

  12. Elementelchains

    Does it keep all my apps and music

  13. henry lachiqa


  14. rk theinspirer

    Hai Sir, tried to change my email id ( apple id ) . It was changed at my i tune and app stores. But still my i cloud does’nt changed. It means shoes the previous apple id. If I want to log in with it….it says…” your apple id is incorrect ” please give a suggestion.

  15. Kane The minecraft gamer

    Hi my name is actually ‘knnn kn’

  16. Kolyn Beltran Salas

    it doessnt work

  17. samith chathuranga

    my question is I’m having 4s but updated still I cannot see in iTunes store

  18. samith chathuranga

    do I need wifi to do that

  19. Praveen Prasad


  20. Chishiri

    Lol he has a the first ipod

  21. iDelirious03

    But I want to change it because I can’t remember my password and my accounts not verified so I can’t download free apps

  22. XxkikixX XxplayzxX

    how old is ur iphone

  23. Wilsony 3300

    I have a question When you change your Apple ID does your data reset??

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