How To Be Completely Dominant Over Your Dog- Dog Training


  1. TnTbros333

    This is stupid! People are on here yo lern how to train and control them. Not act like a savage you idiots!!!!

  2. Agustin Magne

    I love you this is really helpful

  3. Prantik Basak

    Is this some sort of a joke video ?

  4. Rails Life

    A good dog trainer will use every tool available at his disposal to get the job done. I won’t let anyone touch my dog with a ten foot pole if he has a problem with one method or another.

  5. Fatal Temper Gaming

    You are actually such a good human being i wish more people were like you thank you for showing me where im going wrong

  6. katie kripp

    This is so good I love it!! <3

  7. Jonathan Pal

    That warning is stupid. Why are you posting this if it isn’t meant to actually be used. Stopped watching at the warning. Thanks for nothing!

  8. Brandon Ashby

    I don’t think this is training lol

  9. Erin Struk

    Hi I’m 17 years old and going to be getting a puppy to train it into being my first service dog. Do you have any advice on breeds or how to train?

  10. Rebekah Chalmers

    bite him first?

  11. IseKhan

    Amazing video, thank you so much! It is funny and pass a lot of information!

  12. daphwellmag

    Thanks for your informative video.

  13. Mata Kush

    yo you crazy lol but it works

  14. Frances Riddiough

    Great videos.

  15. Blueberry Catfish

    This is so stupid!!! You should still be respected by your dog, but you need to respect your dog also!!! Your not dominant, you are partners. You should not be the dogs boss, but you should be the dogs friend, and partner.

  16. Comic Sans

    lovely person. dogs are amazing. thank you for your work and understanding. I never usually post nice comments but you truly are an amazing human being. thank you

  17. mahendra sangrampurkar

    they say dont try this at home then how to control them

  18. A.B. Eastbrook

    So, how do you establish yourself as alpha to your dog?

  19. Reginald Oubre

    “The following stride for us is settling on the following training course and at this stage we are inclining towards the off-lead one. [Go Here=== ] Your Sunday play bunch has been priceless for Cherrie and we additionally anticipate proceeding with that. We have as of now recommended you to a few companions and intend to make more recommendations.”

  20. BDMacguyver

    I totally agree I rescued a 7 year old fighting pitbull and have successfully cured all his aggressive behavior I stumbled on this cause he is having anxiety training a pit is great experience as aggressive acts toward them never work ( like putting out a fire with gasoline) and do you know what I can do about his anxiety he pees on my bed and tears up paper like the separation anxiety but he does it while I sleep to and yes I let him out even in the middle of night any advice?

  21. Charity Richardson

    this video made me cry… so beautiful say’d ❤

  22. linda meanbean

    cant put the blame just on one person just because they are on TV its just disgusting how people treat animals by abusing them for the own damn amusement period !!! it really sucks all the abuse they endure they didn’t ask to be born.. people keep breeding them only to later leave them to fend for themselves its should be against the law … dogs are very loyal and love you no matter what! yet people get away with oh let me smacking around to train em ugh!!! sorry just pisses me off !

  23. Abigail Torres

    New Phrase: Bite the dog before it bites you.

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