Does Hair Spray Cause Hair Loss

Many people often worry about the health of their hair and wonder what they can do to keep it as healthy as possible to avoid hair loss. Permanent hair loss results when the root of the hair follicle is hurt and falls out.

There’s the age-old myth that using hair spray causes hair loss and for those who are worried about going bald at an early age, they’ll be happy to know that using hair spray is not related and will not result in your hair falling out later in life.

All that said, though, the overuse of hair products, or using them incorrectly, can cause hair to become brittle and weak causing the hair follicle to break at the shaft. While breakage is not good for your hair, it’s only temporary, and the hair can regrow from the point that it breaks off. Using hair spray or other hair styling products is not going to cause or speed up the hair loss process, but the less use of these products allows your hair to be healthier over a longer period of time.

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The use of “long-lasting” styling products is also not good for the health of your hair. These types of hair sprays and styling products usually contain alcohol, which can dry out your hair and make it brittle, making it stiff and sticky. Once a brush or comb is run through it, the hair breaks off and begins to fall out. It’s important to use more natural styling products that might not hold your hair as well but will help keep it healthier.

There are also a variety of other lifestyle factors to consider when it comes to hair loss and how to avoid it:


Stress, on the other hand, can cause hair loss. People who have been in highly stressful situations from anywhere between six weeks and three months may start to notice more hair loss. This does not mean it’s permanent, but it will take some time to grow back once the stress in your life has been managed.

Diet & Weight Loss

If your diet is lacking in iron and protein, or you’re getting too much vitamin A, you might start to lose some hair. Some who lose a significant amount of weight, generally more than 15 pounds, may start to notice hair loss three weeks to six months later. Again, this loss is only temporary, and hair will begin to grow back on its own.


Hormonal Changes

Many women have reported hair loss about three months after they’ve given birth because of the significant hormonal changes happening within the body. In that same vein, women going through menopause may also start to see a bit of hair loss during the drastic hormonal change. A similar process can happen to women who may be taking the wrong type of birth control. For women who are sensitive to hormonal changes, the wrong amount of hormones in their birth control can affect hair loss.


 Hairspray, while not causing direct root hair loss, can definitely play a factor as the chemicals cause damage to your hair. This makes it more susceptible to breaking and damage that can definitely cause a loss in hair. You can always checkout best shampoo for thinning hair

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