Google Analytics Tutorial For Beginners


  1. barisdnmz

    How to install? How did you come to google analytics window? How to sset my web site? Are you sure it is for beginner? Please change the title!

  2. Deepen Panchal

    Nicely done ! Appreciate it .. Can you please tell me if all of this is included in the open source version of Google Analytics or the paid one?

  3. Dimitrios Maroulis

    To what extent this tutorial cover the latest updates of google analytics till today?

  4. Maria Ioana

    Este afacerea momentului 
    Mai ai timp sa te inscrii si sa iti schimbi viata
    Link inscriere

  5. Rustled Jammies

    You’d expect a tutorial for beginners to show you how to set it up…

  6. Hrishikesh Dange

    thank you shivani, very clear and to the point explanation of google analytics and many important terms..

  7. Shu

    Thank you so much. Your video is very helpful.

  8. Anil Varma

    This is a very helpful Tutorial thanks a lot

  9. MrEnjoyBeats

    To pass the Analytics exam, does one only need to study the Analytics Fundamentals and Principles in the Google Academy?

  10. Larry Brin

    Great video Shivani. We were referred to it in our Fayetteville State MBA class on Digital Marketing. Excellent summary.

  11. Mengyang Chen

    I am not feeling good about this tutorial because… I don’t know why, it’s hard to tell

  12. BeautyNBeast

    very helpful tutorial. Thanks.

  13. Stu Marks

    The voice over is almost completely unintelligible for me. Unfortunately, this type of voice can not be used for mass communications due to the dynamics of tone and range. People with hearing aids need more mid range voices, not the narrow high band of the child’s voice profile.

    Not her fault, I know.

    The video seems to cover exactly what I need. Sad.

    So, I am at least picking up visual cues of navigation, which is very helpful. Fortunately, I can read. 🙂

  14. Tobias Fan

    32:31 Check out those exit pages lol

  15. anmol jindal

    Really very helpful video. Thanks for uploading

  16. dhfyrsVaugueTime

    Mastering Google Analytics Learn more here!…

  17. Rob Robinette

    Excellent video. This is exactly what I was looking for to help me understand all the Google Analytics screens. Thanks for producing and posting it.

  18. Muzachi B

    Well done

  19. Amado Cegarra

    Excelent Girl. Thats the way everyone has to Explain a Tool like Analytics! Awesome, i found what a looking for.! One Billion Thanks! Keep Groing

  20. Nivedita Samal

    Very well covered crisply

  21. 95gmz

    so helpful!

  22. Sophie Leung

    great informative video.. but one minor thing: the tone is too plain/ rush

  23. MelleButterf

    Thank you so much for this, very useful and very well explained. Also, you have a nice voice wich made it even better.

  24. Penny C

    Hi, Since you made this video in 2014, I just want to know is all the information relevent in 2017 or have there been any changes with google?

  25. Dimitris Mavromatis

    Best tutorial! Thank you!

  26. charlotte houston

    thank you so much very helpful. Do you have a specific video related to google analytics and PPC?

  27. Winning Websites

    Very clear and precise.

  28. shawn powers

    This tutorial was REALLY helpful & insightful. Loved how you broke each one down & briefly explained it. VERY helpful for sure.

  29. Ana Lytics

    bad english

  30. AzucarDesign

    Very useful video, thanks!!
    Question: I added my web onto online portfolios like Behance and Coroflot. Where can I see info on visits related to that?

  31. Agrima singh

    Its really gud i will watch it again to know everything perfectly

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  33. Uday Padhye


    Your video was actually helpful.

    Would like to ask what does one mean by the word ‘impressions’…??

  34. FinancingLife101

    Thank you. This was very helpful.

  35. Spencer Coffman

    Adding Google Analytics to your website is very important. Not only does it allow you to track the statistics but it also tells Google more about your site. Since they are actively tracking it, their bots will be better able to find your content and index your pages.

    Of course, it is also important for you to verify ownership of your site and submit your pages through the developer’s console. Doing all of these things together will really help boost your SEO.

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