Don’t Stop Believing – Garage Band For Ipad Tutorial


  1. zenflautist

    Wow, it’s the Family Guy version 😉

  2. Rameses James Maliksi

    hmm… COOL!

  3. Dolla Bin Agil

    name apps please

  4. Hxgh Society

    I just did a cover of Guns N Roses “Don’t Cry” with GarageBand on my iPhone, I am super impressed with the easy guitar mode. After all the tracks were finished I sent to iCloud then opened with logic and mixed down. You can use all of the logic guitar presets after the fact, Apple hit this app right on the head. I tried every other guitar app including iFtetless and none compared, especially in scale mode

  5. Kubilay Kartov

    We got this as a work in garageband and this is the only tutorial i can find…

  6. Kubilay Kartov

    Worst tutorial i’ve seen and i can’t other ones.. FCK OFF

  7. Kubilay Kartov


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