Dog Trick Tutorial: How To Teach A Dog To LIMP!!

Dog Trick Tutorial: How To Teach A Dog To LIMP!!


  1. Corvus Clamor

    Well tell me how to teach her to raise paw maybe? cuz she doesnt does it ever. not even saw her lifting her paw whole lifetime 

  2. Kris Mullihan

    When do you name this trick so as not to confuse this with others? Maybe your dog always limps from now on?

  3. Ali Johnson

    I want so badly to teach this to my pit bull but he has bad hips so this would be a no go.

  4. Baldev Garlyal

    i like the video my dog a labrador  enjoys limping but 1 suggetion u kinda have the camera to close when u talk it only shows ur face the first time i saw any of ur videos it scared me! 

    Thank u!

  5. Princess Krystal Richter von Oberschlesien

    I saw the tape when the dog is so cute and im happy that my dog learn that perfect train and now my dog name Sofia learn how to limp HaHaHaHa thank you for your perfect  presentation!

  6. GhettoMist

    The dog stood up without u telling it to.

  7. GhettoMist

    He like knows you so well.

  8. Penelope Pineda

    thank you, you really big help to train my dog, now i will try to  do this trick….

  9. Dearest BluDarling

    Oooo this was so well explained, awesome step by step , thank you !

  10. tasneem javed

    hey hey! Awesome Video, Thanks! There is this interesting FREE ebook at “Brendt Mastery Dog Training Guru” (should be on google)? Hurry before the FREE download guide is taken down! 

  11. LeEtta Felter

    You are amazing!  Thanks for being such an inspiration!!  Your dog is wonderful too!

  12. Walkon94

    My dog gives the paw grand, but he wont keep his paw in the air its just up and straight back down ! Is there any tricks to keeping it up? 

  13. Bernard

    Funny. My second dog is a labrador was just 3 months when sudden laptop bag falls from the wall and he was nearby it, about 10 cm away fm him, but coz he shocked, he then walked limp then it became habbit if anything falls nearby him :d

  14. lpfix2007

    wow you are awesome! Thanks for the videos! Instant Subscribe

  15. bobby choch

    Question for anyone who can answer this accurately.Do you have to use a clicker when you notify the dog he did good. Doesn’t instead of a verbal praise when you give them the treats you use the clicker. Can I try something else that doesn’t require using the clicker, what do you guys suggest?



  17. Michael nowlin

    Awesome, I want this guy to train my dogs! 

  18. Mary Lopez

    Up to what age can you train a German Shepard?

  19. Heather Ashmead

    I like your videos but why do you shove your face into the camera when you are talking to the audience, BACK UP.

  20. Arianna Tarallo

    I was close to training my dog to do it in 15 minutes but as soon as I dropped her paw she kept it down

  21. vuhz

    could someone tell me the clicking noise he makes when she gets something right?

  22. Zombie Killah

    I like your training tutorials, they are very nice and helpful. By the way, I’m getting a German shepherd 7 weeks old on May 20

  23. Larry

    The Shepard that cried Wolf. LOL Thanks for posting. Neat trick, I just hope she never actually does hurt herself. She will come limping up to you and you will just giver her a treat. LOL Good Girl.

  24. Barbara Allen

    Awesome tutorials. Thank You for sharing. 🙂

  25. Victoria Bingham

    What’s your dogs name?

  26. Charlotte H

    Once the dog has actually performed the trick, what command or signal do you use to then cue it from a distance?

  27. Anna Dane

    but why?

  28. Lâm Phương

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  29. Puppy Pepeluche

    you look so creepy

  30. Rahul kumar

    one request, pls upload some video in hindi, like a shak hand, sitt, down, attake, jump, come and go etc………

  31. Kristres

    I dont get those click things

  32. Abby Snyder

    Your face is too close to the camera

  33. Abby Snyder

    when you say “Yes Good Job” you scare me

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