Dog Trick Tutorial: ‘Clean Your Paws!’


  1. Marina Longnickel

    what about back feet?..

  2. Jaiden Jones

    i tried this and it worked well, now my dog will paw any thing i tell him to

  3. Jocelyn So

    Hello! Your videos are amazing!! I am very new to have a dog as a pet…. I would like to ask some questions….
    1)How to stop my dog doing play bite? 2)And my dog is not eating dog food, I didn’t give her snacks but she is not interested in eating dog food anymore…I tried to change another brands but she didn’t like it at all…
    Thank you for answering my questions in advanced….!

  4. Horselover Bre

    holy crap your good. I’ll try it on my dog

  5. samaplayer !!!!!

    your the master

  6. samaplayer !!!!!

    how do we teach him to bring things

  7. MizKuno

    about how long should be spent in teaching dogs sometging or times a day mine can get borded quick sometines if he doesnt get something

  8. Albanian Ruler

    dude idc what anyone says but you’re the best trainer

  9. Rick & Kim Trusty

    How do you teach dog to wipe back feet, too?

  10. charmaine stevens

    Love it
    Your the best

  11. katu

    how can i get her to use back paws?

  12. Elina D,cruze

    Friends I found the best site that will help you to train your dog professionally.
    Just search google; “galid dog training”

  13. justJoanne

    great videos but why do you treat your dog by throwing the treats on the ground and so far?

  14. Argyri Xenaki

    I love the way you train your dog! Good job! I would like to watch a video how to teach a dog to smile.

  15. 2Bassik

    It’s hardly fucking wiping it’s paws, what a twat, can’t say I see many dogs out walking on 2 legs much either…:-)

  16. Delmy Vaquerano

    Wow man how do you do it

  17. Nakisha Nathan

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  18. Chaz Rutledge


  19. Rajesh Singh

    in one day how much time should train the dog

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