Dog Training 101: How To Train ANY DOG The Basics


  1. Aboaliz mikhlafi

    thanks for this video,but can you give us more information if the dog is new and strange

  2. qork bro

    …I have an issue right now…I have 4 dogs with me right now 2 are medium sized and 2 are toy sized dogs. They’re incredibly territorial…except the oldest one who’s a toy size and is very lax only becomes angry when bothered to often…anyway the big issue is that a toy and a medium dog are very territorial and become aggressive if they’re bothered when eating or have a toy that is theirs, which should be expected what I need to understand is how to make it so that they aren’t like this all the time…I’m sorry if theres any confusion

  3. krystal fingal

    I subscribed

  4. krystal fingal

    Like they say dog are men best friends they will do any thing for u

  5. Pets Don't Go

    I have been watching your videos for several years now, and I have learned so much.

  6. raj Premi

    dog Lana hai address bata

  7. Sophie Doyle

    I have two dogs so it’s really hard for me to train them and they’re like older dogs and they’re really hyper and I don’t know what to do it I don’t know how to train them

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