DIY Tutorial – Make An Inexpensive Duct Tape Case For Your IPhone, IPod Touch, Or Other Smart Phone


  1. amazinglyanna4

    Can you make a duct tape rose

  2. Shareny Bracho

    So cute and easy

  3. Theron Secor


  4. Lilly10923 Animaljam Videos

    great video helped a lot and very easy! i made my mom a phone case :p

  5. Blackle

    Made one came out great! On the one side without the phone I put a pocket
    and it came out great!

  6. Arwa Khalid

    كلو زق

  7. Aaron Atari

    Omg SOOOO cute!

  8. Joy Watson

    Awesome video I just made my own for my phone and tablet

  9. Mallory Collier

    Omg awesome

  10. Manson Pham

    M8 on 0:28 the case can’t actually stand up, your right arm is behind the
    flap allowing it not to fall…

  11. Laila'sOddAnimations

    Is there something I could use instead of Velcro I don’t have it on hand

  12. Jesika Pollock

    Made it and it was very helpful DO MORE DUCT TAPE VIDEOS

  13. Faith Benner

    I need a new iPod case and I was looking for one but I want one to day and
    so I look up how o make one and I found with one do thank u so much for
    make this video and i an going to actually going to make one soon so thank
    u so much again

  14. Ciara Pena

    yass jacob is the best

  15. Lyndee cheer

    I wish I had ductape

  16. Ash Henderson

    came out AWESOME

  17. John Terreri

    this is my second time listing to this

  18. Patrice Cannonier

    at first i thought she said Samsung

  19. Good Loves

    my name is lala too

  20. Braden McQuarie

    looks great palmettod! I did this for my girlfriends birthday gift and she
    loved it

  21. Skittelz

    How are you going to charge it with the case on

  22. Christy Romero

    I love ❤️ this case and I also put some Velcro on the top where you put
    your phone in so it wouldn’t fall out and I decorated with stickers and I
    cut a hole where you charge it and also made a hole for the camera

  23. Vilemina Knoblochova

    IT IS Věry good think i like it

  24. Likeila Linder

    ⛪⛪ɕհմɾɕհ εηյσψ ςմɓς tհε ηεXt Հψε

  25. Sky Gem

    I find this very complicated

  26. baby kaely Estrada

    haw did you do that

  27. baby kaely Estrada

    where did you get the stuff

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