DIY | How To Make An Oreo Phone Case – Tutorial


  1. Sam Green

    that does look cool but not to clear on directions

  2. blue fidget gaming

    when i clicked on the video it gave me a oreo ad

  3. Ilnara не Хейтер


  4. Daniel

    if only you could open it up

  5. Tre Thornton

    ain’t no easier way den dis??

  6. NyanStrikez

    Instructions unclear, got dick stuck in Oreo.


    Please check my dIYS! easy, fun and interesting 🙂

  8. Hares Tukhi


  9. Roman Reigns

    got milk?

  10. Synergo che contiene caramelle acide

    Tastes like shit.

  11. 꿀꿀이

    잘만드시네여 썸네일봤는데 오레오맛 아이스크림인줄알았어욬ㅋ(영어를잘못해서한글로합니다….ㅋ)한국인손!

  12. Misul kitty

    If I accidently ate my phone….

  13. wd land


  14. Islem P.

    But how you going to put the phone in the case

  15. อิน แก้วเอียด


  16. dakota berlin

    No just no

  17. Mattia Cavalleri

    sei un grande

  18. Rawa Zana

    What was that bigining to make the i phone case song ?????

  19. Nasha Jlw

    Very cute but I which it was easier to do

  20. Ely 06- channel

    perché c’era Selena Gomez all’inizio?

  21. GattoStrello_ Official

    Bel video , fantastico , si che tu parli anche italiano perché hai un canale italiano vero?

  22. GattoStrello_ Official

    Emh…good video…emh,emh emh e emh shish

  23. Backstreet Hacker

    Oh woow dude i just loved it…

    But please someone tell how can i bake it
    Like how much time and temperature please…

  24. MzDC202

    Super creative!

  25. ASK Games


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