DIY Glitter IPhone Charger Tutorial!


  1. ronie327

    you could just add another layer or two of the mod podge

  2. Justin Buchanan

    you stink you left a hate comment on a 11 year olds vid it was Priscilla Turk

  3. Park Kim Kookie Kumamon is my shit and jams

    (sorry for my comment)
    do u use ur charger that u made it glittery??
    u put a nail polish in ur charger…
    If I am not too late pls dont use it… u might the another victim of firing charger.. or anything like that..
    (yeehhh I was planning to buy clear nail polish right now)

  4. Charlotte Harvey

    This was made when DIYS where easy to make and original

  5. Iva Markovic

    guys please stop! this video is totally fine! it won’t burn or explode if you don’t charge your phone for too long and just because she didn’t know nail polish is flammable that doesn’t mean that the idea is bad and that it should be put down! yes it is possible for it to explode and stuff but you can check it from time to time and watch out so it doesn’t overheat and if you don’t want to you can also apply a layer of glue varnish or mod podge but please stop hating this so much

  6. Norah Elizabeth DeVasto

    You may want to use modge podge to cover the glitter up

  7. Hart Maley

    Who else is watching this in 2017?

  8. Little Toxic Bunny

    If you want her to take it down, just dislike the shit out of this video! Maybe she will then see that people aren’t happy with this video!!!!!! No hate…but putting nail polish on it…..

  9. Anela A

    is it ok if u use glue

  10. fromthelaurelleaves

    This is the most 2013 thing I’ve ever seen

  11. Ligia Ruiz

    lindaaaa me suscriboo

  12. Annie :p

    For all the people who say it is flammable yes it is but that it why you don’t put it by the frickin charge plugin areas how frilin dumb can people get like srsly and it works great FYI HATERS GONNA HATE

  13. Nikki Rojo

    I just subscribed then saw this, im unsubscribing just because of this misleading/harmful video, I don’t understand why she hasn’t taken this down yet despite the feedback that the chargers exploded because of this diy.
    I hope the people affected reported this video accordingly.

  14. Azalia Colon


  15. Azalia Colon


  16. Azalia Colon

    Nicole you ok, don’t listin to those haters. You can do whatever u want

  17. Jam Jam

    I’m reporting this video! People in the comments are saying their chargers are exploding cause the nail polish. Take consideration for the 3 million watching. Seal it with MOD PODGE!

  18. nour itani


  19. Guardian Killer

    This is an old ass video she probably will never see any of ur comments on this vid and I don’t think chargers get that hot anymore

  20. maya raghuraman

    Maybe she didn’t know nail polish is flammable I didn’t know til I read the comments

  21. Diy's- With-jules

    Isn’t this dangerous? Idk but I herd that nail polish is bad … :/

  22. Little Panda

    Shelby I’m very disappointed. I was your biggest fan until I watched THIS. I was subscribed, o had my notifications on and I had liked every single video of yours. I took it all back. My small sister did this and the charger exploded on her face. She is seriously hurt. You should warn small kids but NOO.All you care about are fancy chargers and not kids safety. I should report you.

  23. Marisol Menchaca

    Ehh don’t do this waste of money and is very dangerous use some decorative washy type that’s what I did

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