Convert Your ANDROID To A Real IPHONE (With Live Tutorial Finally)


  1. Criaj Maraan

    mga feelingero

  2. Minhaal md Doms

    can u give me a link to download the zip file

  3. Quasid IT engineer

    fake videos kaise change kiya bata koi google me type kar ke kaise change kar sakta hai bol be li naaaa

  4. Ellynor Sofea

    where do you install the ios

  5. Dj andy Hoffman

    qual é o nome do app carai

  6. Rajni Anand

    kra kese h bhai bta to de

  7. Rajni Anand

    kra kese h bhai bta to de

  8. Unleashed Gamer

    this is so fake to be able to actually have IOS on a device is by changing the operating system which is almost impossible unless you can get an ios operating system and get the android operating system out

  9. Rahul Jaykar

    agar hum apna Android ko iOS mein badaldu toh kya isme jio SIM kam karega…..please help me

  10. King

    thumbs down didn’t show us how to do that

  11. Rom tech

    its fake ,he just change the boot animation and download iapps

  12. MiniMinerCraft

    fake its a launcher

  13. Алена Лис

    можно ли это потом удалить

  14. Byas Singh

    iOS 9 ka zip kaise download Kate yar

  15. shashika udayanga

    Can you give link for download ios for android ..please

  16. Sumit Kumar

    it do not damage my phone nooo!!

  17. Xcel Byte

    why would you even want to do this ios sucks

  18. Always Ultimate Vikram Graphic

    where is appstore

  19. rajesh rajesh

    proecss to batao ….?
    Kay se karna he …?

  20. yunusgamer2005 COMPUTER


  21. varun kumar bansal

    I tried it but I was not able to do so..can u help me

  22. Manu Patil

    ye stock rom download krneki website konse hai or ye stock romc5.1 ke liye cjlegi ky

  23. Awend Adib

    This is Just Fake because he has got The Play Store in ios?

  24. FaiTh Anton

    FUKING PLAY STORE? HAHA WHAT A SCAM! its a modified fuking android

  25. Fardeen Shariff

    how to do that

  26. Shadow059 tk

    It’s a fake video and misleading and wasting time of viewers

  27. The Team Destroyer

    fuck you bhos d k

  28. Yash ambastha

    bhaia I want to change my intex aqua freedom into iOS 10
    plz help me out.
    I am not able to install twrp
    plz plz

  29. Eric Mojet

    I’m an android guy i have the lg v20 if i wanted this id buy the iphone 7.

  30. Ali Aazib

    oy karna kese ha isko chabal

  31. GT Techno

    plz send me the link .yhat how to convert android to ios system

  32. mobile master kj

    how to download it

  33. Dev Bhargava

    fir she android bana sakte h kya

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