CONTEST! And Dog Trick Tutorial: How To Teach: Head Shake


  1. kikopup

    i use tiny bits of meat, or else I use natural balance rolls, right now both of my dogs are obsessed with Kibble. dont ask me why…

  2. kikopup

    remove the targets, but you can cue touch or point, if your dog stops offering the behavior. Another thing you can do is just leave the targets on the objects and move the dog away from them and click for not touching the targets.

  3. Lily-Ann Matthews

    is that cliker just for atention? i dont have one <.< i luv ur videos πŸ˜€

  4. tollywoga

    @tokiiohotel4 no it’s to help train your dog, the clicker is the equivelent of “yes” or “that’s right”

  5. Nicki Reed

    this vid was REALLY fun to watch. i cant believe how fast Splash picked that up. so so fun! and i think i’m going to go get a clicker today and try it out…ive never done clicker training but…you have encouraged me to at least give it a try! πŸ˜€ thx!

  6. RoxyAgilityRox

    Are you going to make any more contests?? I like the idea of the ink sketches!! They are REALLY good!

  7. BunnyTigerMeow

    So after they have the touching the target part down shouldn’t you put a command to it that way when you say like “shake” or whatever conmand you use they will shake their head? Anyways I love your training tricks!

  8. Jocelyn Mcdonald

    @nikenna Looks like a gay connection…

  9. jomrca

    i have a 1 year old golden retriever and she is very very smart but shes a spoiled brat. she knows the clicker method but she only obeys the command when she sees me with food or the clicker, she doesnt offer the behaviour on her own. could you please tell me what i am doing wrong? thanks

  10. txhorselovingirl

    Is teaching them to say yes similar? Tried to teach my dog to say yes multiple times but we could never figure it out.

  11. kikiveto123

    I wana ask a question: “how to teach your dog to walk backwards?” πŸ™

  12. technologicaldreamer

    Just started training my aussie this trick cant wait!!

  13. happyjellyfish

    ‘Sabotage!’ HAHA, I love your videos, and your training methods/philosophy. And I of courses adore Kiko the Sabotager! πŸ˜€

  14. Π•Π»ΠΈΠ·Π°Π²Π΅Ρ‚Π° АндрССва

    Its soooo cool. and your dogs are very nice! =)

  15. bigfabe12

    I have a bulldog, and its hard to teach him tricks because he’s ignorant.. Alls he knows is how to give paw, and everytime i pull out a treat, his paw automatically comes up, and thats all he wants to do. Any suggestions on how to teach him somethin new?

  16. 23Nellie1

    This is so awesome! You should hold another contest again.

  17. josski32

    Hmm so I wud guess yes is pretty much the same thing? I would bring the dog under a table and put the postit on the table and floor hehe

  18. xibanezbronzex

    Super excited to try this! πŸ˜€ Do you have any tricks for teaching them to shake their heads yes rather than no?

  19. Nico Danger

    This click-clack hurts my hears, maybe it’s me, but i think that this sound is too loud for dog’s hearing that is more sensitive than mine.

  20. MDR

    so i taught my dog how to do this…but she shakes her head super slow…

  21. ClickerPetsMore

    You need to do another contest. I didn’t know about your channel or have a dog yet when you held this contest. πŸ™‚

  22. serenity hester

    where can i get a clicker or can i use some thing different

  23. Becx

    You should do another contest πŸ™‚

  24. Bryna

    You are so cool and awesome

  25. Spoon Blender

    LOL, sabotaged πŸ˜€

  26. Spoon Blender

    You just click & treat constantly until they understand.

  27. Chris Cooper

    Β₯€£€Β₯€€ that mens cool

  28. Amanda Cantwell

    I like to just use the word “Yes!” instead of the clicker because it leaves my other hand free if needed and I can speak faster than I can click. Great instructions and I have taught my not yet 3 yr old Papillon how to Back up, Crawl, Sit Pretty, and more by using your videos πŸ™‚ Β She will be 3 on June 18th and knows over 35 commands now including her Competition Obedience commands! πŸ˜‰

  29. WiLdFlOwEr

    I’ve been looking for a new trick to teach my Newfoundland Mishka. Think this is the one. Great way of teaching this. Thanks for posting πŸ™‚ Love your videos by the way!!

  30. crazeedogs

    Did you ever get the third winner? I would love to send a video and try for one of your awesome ink drawings.

  31. Mihajlo Ivanenko

    Dogs are awesome lol. The best lessons that I have looked at was at Brainy paws (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most useful dog training tips that I have ever used.

  32. Kathy McGregor

    cute puppys

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