Clicker Training Basics – Dog Training


  1. Xela D

    I’m just wondering, what specifically is the clicking for, and what benefit does it add in addition to training them to understand the command, and giving the reward for it? What is the role of the clicker I’m a little confused. Don’t call me stupid please just trying to understand

  2. Callum

    My pug is now trained! Thank you!

  3. Miley Chung

    which clicker is good ?? they are soo many out there ….

  4. Abbey McKillin it

    This was extremely helpful, thank you!

  5. Vidya Naidu


  6. Arulmozhi N

    Useful tips.Thank you!

  7. Stanley Rowden

    we have a one yr old rescue dog who is very nervous, it is difficult to get her to take treats from our hand, do our training of her is very slow

  8. Hywel Davies

    I have 2 basset hounds nearly 2 both brothers would it be easier to seperate or do them together as one can do quite a few tricks but the other is a lot more stubborn?

  9. Loz Bomb

    Pam I’ve been carer for a difficult alpha male Shar Pei for nearly 2 years now… Earlier this year he was adopted and they returned him 5 months later, as u’d expect, it messed with his head. In 4 months I move to Sydney for school & the shelter I volunteer for is closing. Since he was returned he has bitten a few ppl, – not bad or enough to draw blood and it was always their fault, but still enough that if he gets adopted and returned again, there is no other carer for him and he will likely be euthanised. He is a beautiful, loving intelligent animal who just got a raw deal but with the right owner he could be magic… We’ve made mad progress from when he came to me he couldn’t even walk on a lead but time is short now n I need a way to socialise him, get him to not be such a guard dog and go crazy at anyone at the door and learn not to bite ppl if I’m too sick or can’t take him for a walk for a day for some reason… Is there a fast way I can do this to give him the best chance before I move away? Clicker?? He doesn’t deserve to be put down but I just can’t take him with me

  10. Little Aussie Poodle

    What I like to tell people when they ask about clicker training is something like this: “A clicker is a way to tell your dog he tried something that worked. A click is not a reward and it is not a command. It is a sign that a reward is coming and that to get another, the previous action must be repeated or built on. If I click for my dog sniffing a new object, then he knows I probably want him to touch it with his nose. If that works, he will also offer mouthing to see if that is what I want. If touching with his nose wasn’t right, he might try pawing the object, or nosing it in a different way. A good example is when I taught my dog to open a box by nosing the bottom of the lid. Now when I click for him touching something, he will ALWAYS try flipping it to see if that’s right. You can teach your dog new behaviors as if they are natural things for him to perform.
    A clicker teaches a dog that anything that has worked in the past may work again. This is why it is so great, because your dog will start offering things that have worked before. In practice, this makes training incredibly fast because they will repeat the same action over and over, getting better at it each time, and following your raises of criteria very quickly.

  11. Carly Crawford

    Thank you! I was a bit nervous as I was doing the clicker and handing him treats because he was SUPER focused on my hand he knew that had treats. He kept nosing it but I wouldn’t let him have one until I clicked. I couldn’t get him distracted by asking him to fetch his toy (which usually he is excited to do) but apparently he likes the treat a lot more than toys. By treat 15 I saw him look from the clicker to the hand with treats. So when I got to the last 20th piece, suddenly he broke away to check for anything on the floor. I clicked, his head popped up immediately in anticipation. Day 1 and already got him to associate. I’ll be reinforcing it tomorrow 🙂

  12. theviper101100

    Does it matter what kind of clicker you get?

  13. MSPgaming

    what should i do if my dog is only focused on the treats in my hand and not the clicking sound?

  14. Ana Larson

    This video was really well done, clear voice and examples with clear words written and pictures. The set up on variety is good too so glad I found you on youtube. My friend turned me on to clicker training when she took a stallion that was to be put down due to his anxiety and aggression, he is very much alive and has not hurt anyone and is the best behaved horse. He willing wants to do things, its amazing to see an animal give of themselves this way. Thanks again!

  15. Sam Wood

    thank you for this clear tutorial you are a great teacher! do you think dogs can tell the difference between a clicker and clicking with your mouth? with my last dog I used to click with my mouth to get her attention/come to me but she was never clicker trained. I am going to use clicker training with my new dog, do you think it will confuse her if I use clicking with my mouth to get her attention and an actual clicker for rewards? thanks again!

  16. David Burdan

    can you send me a Clicker

  17. Ruby Shetty

    you are good

  18. Jennifer Fissette

    Very helpful!

  19. Elizabeth Owens

    I am going to try this for my blue heeler

  20. breanna keel

    I am not being mean because I like clicker training but how come you just don’t say “Good Boy!” or “Yes!”?

  21. Becky R

    Will this work on my kids?

  22. 다얀

    I want to buy a dog clicker and train my shih tzu Will this work even if she is too hyper?????

  23. Random Gamer

    My dog is scared of the clicking sound, what do i do?

  24. DavieH

    great video

  25. Xessories

    Honestly incredible – thank you for the tips! Me and my 4 year old border collie / husky mix trained for the first time using a clicker today and he has already learnt how to take and hold an object from me in about a 30 minute session 🙂 He is known to be very easily distracted but the clicker helped him associate the command with the treat very well & because he is greedy for treats he cannot get enough!

    Cannot believe I have only just realised that this really works.

    Great video and I will be keeping up to date with your channel for more ideas! 😀

  26. Athena Layno

    “Its funny how a pen can also be a clicker!” –

  27. Melanie Muha

    This video was so very helpful!! My corgi Millie is picking up clicker training in no time!! Thank you so much.

  28. Sharvani s

    Why doesnt my four year old obese beagle does not like to play with his toys or jump on us out of excitement or run a lot?

  29. Jay Lopo

    Thanks for this video! I plan to use this method for fancy rats (if i ever get one lol). Keep up the good work!

  30. Lawrence Penberthy

    And do NOT watch this video if your dog is close and already began clicker training hahaha

  31. p c

    Some very good tips here that Zak George missed

  32. Ana Larson

    Have you clicker trained bathtime?

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