Capturing Calmness- How To Train Calmness In Dogs- Dog Training


  1. Amber

    See, my issue is my 6 month old puppy … doesn’t act even like this puppy in the video.  The second you sit down, he’s all over you, putting paws on you, trying to jump up at your face.  This is even AFTER you let him run around for a while and potentially “calm down”.  I’ve been trying to teach the off command, but the second I correct him, he evades it and runs away or seems completely unphased.

    I feel like some of the more calm, submissive ways of commanding the dog to do what I want just fly over his head.  I have to get very stern with him at times before he gets the picture… but even then, next day, he’s up to the same behavior again.

  2. weo1weo1weo1

    your vids are so lovely!

  3. RemixMasterr


  4. Moo Patching

    are you still here kikopup?

  5. Heether Trudell

    Great video!! I have A very hyper active dog and this is great!! I’m going to start looking for the calm moments 🙂 I also wanted to say, watching your walking video my dog is so much better! She’s also learning to he objects in her mouth and cross her paws thanks to U!

  6. K Mac

    Your Viszla mileage may vary…!

  7. Search

    Young Splash!

  8. AssaultedPeanutt

    I just wanted to make sure to let you know how well this method is working for my almost 4 month old Aussie, Finn. For anyone watching this video, make sure you do everything she says in this video exactly the way she says. And make sure you are in a calm state of mind too, just relax, don’t give your dog attention if he jumps on you, just set him back down on the floor. If he wont lay down, try having him sit and say good boy and then wait for him to decide to lay down on his own. Don’t stare at him as you wait, just watch him out of the corner of your eye or glance back and forth. When he lays down, treat him immediately. You can even pet him or scratch his back every so often as a reward, to show him you are aware of his presence and as if to say “i like this, this is enjoyable time together”. Also, make sure he is not thinking about the treat or doing that head down thing splash did. My dog now lays completely on his side as if taking a nap. It has made him calmer overall too 🙂

  9. Catalina Córdova

    My little adopted dog should be around 18 months and she is so hyper, she’s always alert and seeking for attention so is very hard to reinforce calmnes

  10. Doris Easter

    can i purchase video from uk

  11. LuBearr

    watching your videos backwards and baby splash is awesome!

  12. R.B.

    How do you teach a conscious “Settle”, for when the dog is too amped up? So when he/she is excited, you can tell it to chill out (assuming it’s well exercised etc, good conditions).

  13. Justin Veazey

    I love how her(their) skills come first and the video making comes second. Not insulting her video making skills just appreciating the quality of the content.

  14. Igor Petrusevski

    Thanks for the video. graet ideas. The best instructions that I have looked at was at Brainy paws (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most easy dog training tips that I have ever worked on.

  15. Nancy Zak

    How can I stop my 5 month old small breed pup from swallowing small stones when he played in the yard, he passes them in his poo

  16. Michael Mosby

    This is amazing! I have a naturally hyper and curious Wheaton Terrier and we just started this 2 days ago. Now he lays quietly at my feet while I eat breakfast in the morning and I don’t have to be constantly looking around for him to make sure he’s not up to mischief.

  17. Dean Henderson

    I will give you some great ideas, tricks, and instruction that may help you turn your puppy into the best behaved, most happy, jogging, bouncing, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted?. Watch here >

  18. Steph90

    This must be the easiest but also best thing I have ever taught my dog. Thanks for the great videos Emily.

  19. jkmorgeson

    This video alone changed my life and my puppy’s life. I work from home and the day we started training this she is a new puppy! All your videos are great but thank you for this one in particular!!

  20. Steph

    I have two 10-month golden retrievers (giant puppies!) that desperately need to learn to be calm. Going to try this today!

  21. Pathogen-David

    After only two sessions of practicing this, my 4 mo Lab/German Shepherd mix is extremely calmer. It has also helped her calm down around other dogs a lot too. During session 2, I had my friend’s dog (who doesn’t like her puppyness) sit in the room, and while she had a lot harder time with that, but she still figured it out pretty quick! Now I am sitting in my office with both of them, with plenty of peace and quiet.

  22. Nunya Business

    Are you a positive only trainer?

  23. Darshan Agwekar

    I usеd а fеw seсrets from the vidеоs at tо gеt оur рuрру tо stoр biting, digging, рееing insidе, аnd jumрing оn реорlе. Hе’s a fast lеаrnеr аnd mаstеrеd 95% оf it within а fеw dаyууs Cарturing Cаlmnеss hоw to trаin саlmnеss in dоgs dоg trаining

  24. Jules Dolan

    This is such foodtrainer bullshit….

  25. Pawsitively Terriers

    I used this with both my current dogs and it’s been great. They are much calmer all the time and will normally settle when asked to – thanks for your excellent videos. I have recommended this to so many people 🙂

  26. Riza hariati

    My dog like to pretend he doesn’t care about the food, but once the treat comes out, whaaam!!

  27. aliitil

    i can not deal with a new street dog that im taking care of… i am gonna dedicate myself to her training i hope i can manage it…..

  28. JC

    Is it ok if I give treats when the puppy is sleeping in the crate to train calm behavior? I find this very tricky because the pup is just acting calm. The pup’s default settle is currently at down with head on ground.

  29. Pupigan Animates

    My profile pic is my dog being calm

  30. Exsal Basket

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  31. Please Read

    Damn ur house looks like shiit

  32. 6Deep6

    Thank you so much for all your videos. I’m finding them very illuminating.

  33. Jacinta Lee

    how do i start teaching a crazy and energetic 2 yo border collie male to settle? i keep trying, doing exactly what the video says but he’s not having it. he can’t even sit still for a few seconds and it’s driving me insane. someone help please!!!

  34. theworstnameever

    hi, i am having trouble training my 2 months old puppy since i don’t know what “treats” to give my puppy, the packaging on the “treats” says 2 months is too young to give

  35. Ana Larson

    I hope this works for us.

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