Best Dog Training Video Ever! – 11 Week Old Trained German Shepherd Puppies!


  1. ahmed ali


  2. Hang With Isabella

    I have a German Shepard

  3. Misty Sullivan

    I have a 16 week old german shepherd puppy, named rex. when I got him at 8 weeks old, I immediately started working with him in german commands. that is all I use around him. we are still progressing further with different commands and training. my advice to anyone, is this. work ,work, work. it takes minutes to get him to focus on ya. I have his attention when I take my time to give him attention. he, can lay, stay, sit, down, heel, roll over and come. and that is only half, of what he can do. keep practicing, and it will pay off.

  4. SamGriffiths340

    I love how you train these puppies, a real inspiration. God bless you all. could you please tell me the name of the last song in the video? thank you


    nice video

  6. Dawn Fitch

    training is connecting with a living authentic being, df champ

  7. Maddiece :3

    that’s a lot of puppy’s :O

  8. Becky Hopkins

    I’ve always wanted one. I’m very good with Dogs. All Animals really. I just couldn’t afford one of your I’m sure. Great job what your doing.

  9. Benikhlef Mourad


  10. Benikhlef Mourad


  11. Abby Thomas

    Cute dogs

  12. donald yewande

    Thanks for this eye-opener

  13. Umesh Gowda

    pelli chupullu

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