Back Housing Repair – IPhone 5 How To Tutorial


  1. GG

    would everything be the same for a 5c?

  2. Matan Issler

    A wonderful video for destroying your iPhone

  3. Michael K

    Lol its really not that hard..

  4. addyud

    On a second thought I think my iphone looks perfectly fine.

  5. farissham azman

    huhh -,-” 50 min~~~

  6. Andrean Wangsa

    If i replace my silver iphone 5 housing w a gold one,is it possible if i change it back to silver in case i need to sell it out? Because im pretty sure no one would believe a gold iphone 5g exists

  7. jefftomp

    7 and a half minutes, yet never actually shows you how to replace the glass.  Still don’t know why he told me to lose that one small bracket, but he’s British, so he must be right.  On last count, I was at 42 screws.

  8. Isaiah A

    You know you’re gonna have some left over screws after this….

  9. Antwon Walls

    Does this work on the iPhone 5C?

  10. Harps

    This is a bullshit tutorial you can get a half done chassis from ebay. So all you will need to do is install the motherboard, battery and screen and you are done. Removing every little part from your phone is more likely to cause you to fuck it up.

  11. Chou Sally
  12. Antony Kemp

    You really leave people out in the cold without a reassembly video.  Some small parts come apart without you seeing like the underneath of the volume buttons.

  13. Своими Глазами

    see my video of how l disassembled the Chinese IPhone 5s Rus

  14. Scribbles The Gummibear

    This video is going to get me a job that requires me to do this for 8 hours a day. You people complain too much.

  15. Yono Soyel

    I like this video. Very informative. But good luck reassembling the iPhone if you have never done it before.

  16. Tyger TheOnly

    Why, why, WHY do you think an annoying music loop makes a technical tutorial better? It’s INFURIATING!

  17. Shawn Kay

    Can someone please tell me which screw bit I need to use to remove the Logic Board screws, what flathead is he talking about ??

  18. UtkaReper

    Thank You

  19. Andrei Lucian Ghetau

    Fuck it, I’ll just buy a case!

  20. XtravaRay

    No offence, but you and that music together sounds horrid.

  21. iTanker ツ

    Thank you so much!

  22. Eoin Rossiter

    Buying an iphone 5 second hand with a scratched back housing but comes with a new one,the new one is gonna earn a spot in my drawer of useless things,fuck that!

  23. carine Taha

    How are u gonna watch the video in reverse

  24. matheus desafios

    quando ele tirou a tela chega Dueu meu coraçao

  25. Dead Man

    Instructions not clear got my dick stuck in the motherboard

  26. Youngster joey

    will it effect something on iphone 5s? will the fingerprint scanner works fine after replacement?

  27. davidandclara

    Great video. No offense. I’m just going to pay a pro to replace it for me.

  28. pullupbartender

    How the fuck do i follow the steps in reverse order ?? Wish someone actually filmed a video when they are assembling a phone, not taking it apart – that is easy

  29. Studio64

    Just fyi, the battery doesn’t come out like that. There are a few strips of adhesive you have to pull out

  30. Kamil Fero

    Good job , thanks. Also is a few hard things to change on this model but nobody say nothing about this . Like the steel a things behind buttons to makes a click or small needle near to the power button . For me this is important because when I opened iphone I was surprised.

  31. Yomka Hassan

    Jesus this is hell of a work man…

  32. MR CAT

    to aqui pelo loop infinito

  33. sharon fernandes

    before watching this videos i had a perfectly working iphone 5 after watching this tutorial i tried to change its body and now ive lost my iphone

  34. Estefan Barber

    Pls make a reverse Video!

  35. Alexander Samobójców

    I just wanted to change my iPhone’s color. Thank you. Now I’m frucking worried.

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