Anycast Tutorial


  1. My name is Nico T.

    You guys pls tell me how to TURN OFF this Any Cast device? Should i just unplug it straight or is there a button there where i can turn it off. Pls someone reply.

  2. Ashley Ong

    Can someone help me

  3. Romeo

    Hotstar not working

  4. eko sunu wijayanto

    Your explanation is better than the manual book.. hahaha

  5. rednaxela rofinam

    can u play games?

  6. Rangi Takimoana

    When I type in the I.p address nothing shows up? What do i Do???

  7. peter lim

    Thanks. Appreciate.

  8. Daniel Meka

    Hello, if my phone does not support NFC, INFARRED.COULD I ABKE TO USE OF ANYCAST TO CONNECT MY TV

  9. Igor Krstic

    Hi and thanks, the vidio realy helped but still have a problem. When i connect to wifi direkt its working perfectly but as i try to connect to my home wifi it says if you connect to wireless connection wifi direct will no longer work and so when im connected to my wifi i cant mirrorshare. What can i do? Please help me…

  10. Satria Adi Nugraha

    I have mine but not showing SSID. is there any chance to reset the dongle?

  11. Lalremruata Trusted

    Awesome mann.. thanks

  12. Kyle Pettit

    This device will not mirror display for Netflix or Amazon prime. Only thing it works on so far is YouTube

  13. The IT Guy

    thanks – can you rotate and show horizontal?

  14. 7oelviy

    Can this device use power bank as its power supply?

  15. umesh joshi

    not complete information

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