The Top Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorials of 2016

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor that is developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and Mac OS. Going through numerous updates, the software is currently on CC 2015 which has a cleaner and more consistent look throughout Photoshop.

Ranging from full featured editing to creating digital paintings and drawings, Photoshop is the predominant photo editing and manipulating software on the market.

Used by professionals in every industry, understanding how Photoshop works is an important part of a lot of jobs. This knowledge is especially critical as more businesses keep their creative development team in-house, relying on existing employees to fill those roles.

Our List of 2016’s Best Free Photoshop Courses

We’ve poured through countless websites to find the best free Photoshop courses available. While some of these sites do have a subscription option, there are still a lot of classes and resources available for you to learn with.

These websites are the ones that we turn to when brushing up on new Photoshop skills and we’re sure you’ll find something to love in them too.


This site has a ton of tutorials that focus on different aspects of Photoshop, requiring you to hone your skills to get the job done. The course titles make it easy to find what you’re looking for, which means you’ll spend less time browsing the pages and more time learning.

The video training for each tutorial is extension, giving you an opportunity to learn every aspect of the task before moving onto the next one. You can also watch the videos on the PHLearn YouTube channel and subscribe to their newsletter.

Photoshop Essentials

With a tagline “Where everyone can learn Photoshop” you know you’re in the right place to start working with this software. Relying more on text-based lessons, the guides on this website are perfect for people who learn best by following detailed instructions with small images peppered throughout.

One of the best features of this website is that you can download their lessons into .pdf format, making it easier to take the lessons with you when you don’t have internet access. Some of the tutorials include: Understanding Layers in Photoshop, Creating Type on a Path in Photoshop, and The Background Layer in Photoshop CC.

Photoshop Tutorials

The clean layout and easy-to-find courses make this website a great choice for people who want to learn Photoshop, no matter what level of experience they have. Relying more on shorter videos that provide information quickly and efficiently, Photoshop Tutorials is a great resource to jump onto between tasks.

This website also has a number of free downloads including; brushes, gradients, presets, mockups, graphics, and textures. They also have an inspiration page that collects some of the most creative examples of Photoshop on the market, which should help get those creative juices flowing.

Adobe TV

One of the best sources for training comes straight from the developer through their Adobe TV site. As the name of the website suggests, most of the resources come in the form of videos. The training covers everything from answering what Photoshop is, getting started with the software, and navigating the interface.

There are also a lot of advanced tutorials that explain syncing presets in Photoshop CC, type rendering, and using Smart Sharpen to improve your images. The videos are easy to follow, with the narrator going through every step needed to complete the task properly the first time.


Offering a wide selection of tutorials for both free and premium users, PSDBox is a popular destination for people who want to learn how to use Photoshop creatively. The website offers extensive resources, quick tips, and inspiration for beginners and advanced users.

PSDBox is also very active on social media, encouraging people to interact with them and learn on any platform they’re comfortable on. Their YouTube channel has a lot of videos and playlists from the website for people to save for later viewing. If you’re interested in learning the latest tips with Photoshop, they also have a newsletter they send out once every few months.


This is an excellent resource for any number of tutorials, including Photoshop. All of the courses are free and with over 30 pages available, there’s not shortage of lessons for you to dive into. You can also search the website to filter out options and find the latest tutorials available.

Some of the training sessions that stood out to us include: Create a 3D Industrial-style Download Icon in Photoshop and Super Crisp Anti-Aliasing in Photoshop with Sub-Pixel Hinting. The website also has a download section with fonts, icon packs, Photoshop brushes, website templates, and more.

Adobe KnowHow

Available with both paid and free courses, Adobe KnowHow has training for a number of different topics provided through different sources. Their Photoshop tutorials include a complete beginner’s guide, which is free, and a selection of paid classes. While some users might balk at the cost associated with some of the more expensive classes, the free training is extensive enough to make up for it.

The complete beginner’s guide covers filters, animated GIFs, blending, text, retouching, and editing. Each section goes into a lot of detail, explaining how to complete each task through clearly labeled videos with timestamps.

Photoshop Cafe

With a mix of text, images, and videos, Photoshop Cafe has the widest selection of free training available in the widest range of options on this list. Their posts are easy to follow and are broken up into logical steps that are pleasing to read. The website is just as user-friendly, with tutorials sortable by title, date and popularity.

According to the website’s listing, the most popular courses available are the following:

  • Complete Guide to Layer Blending Modes
  • Drawing Paths with the Pen Tool
  • Photoshop CC 2015.5 June 2016 Release
  • How to Convert Photos in Black and White
  • How to Add Dimension and Shape

Photoshop Cafe also has a large support community, providing newcomers with extra information and tips through the comment section on each post.