The Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of 2016

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor developed by Adobe Systems. Currently in it’s twentieth version, Illustrator has gone through numerous development changes and improvements since it’s release over twenty years ago.

Why You Should be Using Illustrator

Artists and graphics designers use Illustrator to create scalable vector artwork for both web and print projects. From charts, graphs, logos, and diagrams, Illustrator helps creative professionals bring their ideas to life.

The importance of Illustrator increases when you consider the integration options with other Adobe software such as Photoshop and InDesign. Understanding how to use these tools is a great way to save time and money, while ensuring the final result looks just how it should.

Our Collection of the Top Illustrator Tutorials in 2016

Although this software has a steep learning curve, the versatility of Illustrator can’t be understated. We’ve scoured the internet to find you the latest tutorials on Illustrator that are easy to understand and follow along with.

Adobe Studios (Free)

Before you start looking for other sources on the internet, it’s a good idea to look at the software developer’s website for a training or tutorial section. Adobe Studios has excellent guides for all of their software, with Illustrator being no different. The best part of using the official training is that it will always have the most updated information on it, including new features and upcoming releases.

The tutorial by Adobe begins with an overview of Illustrator and continues with the essentials that beginners needs to know. These essentials include short tutorials on using tools, transforming artwork, and applying colors to projects. The final section of the guide provides you with a hands-on project that puts those skills to practical use.

The use of video during the training sessions is excellent because it helps you follow along with the software while the narrator is showing you how to complete the task. The videos don’t speed along too quickly and provide just enough information to make learning easy and fun.

Udemy (Free + Paid)

A popular resource that has a variety of training courses for a multitude of industries, Udemy is online academy that has both paid and free seminars to teach different subjects to their students. With an excellent rating and tracking system, Udemy offers a mix of videos and lectures to guide you through their classes.

The best part of Udemy is that they have more than one course that goes over one topic, which means you can find the best class for your needs and learning style. The training we’ve linked to has a 4.6 rating, left by over 388 users. With over 14,000 students enrolled in the course, this is one of the most popular Illustrator classes on Udemy.

There are sixteen sections in the curriculum, covering everything from getting started to controlling Illustrator. Users will also learn to select and manipulate objects, work with shapes, fills and strokes, as well as create and manage vector shapes. The lectures are separated by video titles, making it easy to follow along and track your progress.

The instructor for this series of tutorials is Infinite Skills, a Canadian-based company who offers a range of eLearning solutions with hands-on examples and working files. This course is targeted towards graphic designers, web designers, and UI developers, however, anyone with an interest in Illustrator can jump in without previous experience using the software.

Lynda (Paid)

While Udemy offers a pay per course structure, Lynda is a subscription based website that gives paying customers access to every tutorial available. This means that you can browse through any number of subjects to find the one that suits your learning style and stop a course without worrying about the cost. They also have a free 10 day trial for you to check some classes out before signing up.

Lynda has a number of different courses on Adobe Illustrator. From drawing vector graphics to foundations of logo design, you can learn about any aspect of the software you want to specialize in. Our personal choice for the best class available on Illustrator is the CC essential training course by Justin Seeley.

Illustrator CC essential training begins by explaining how to install the software and navigate the user interface. Some other topics Seeley covers includes working with artboards and layers, drawing basic shapes, transforming objects, adding fills and strokes, and using raster graphics in Illustrator. This comprehensive guide covers all the essentials you’ll need to master the software and get a leg up on your next project.    

Envatotuts+ (Free + Paid)

Using a mix of free and premium courses, Envatotuts+ has a monthly subscription fee that gives you access to tutorials in coding, web design, music and audio, business, and design and illustration. With over 900 video-based courses, there’s no shortage of tips and tricks for you to master through these tutorials.

While less of a complete overview of the software, these short video classes offer training on specific tasks within Illustrator. Some of the more popular courses include How to Organize Artwork with Layers and Artboards in Adobe Illustrator and How to Create Retro Elements in Adobe Illustrator.

This website also has how-to tutorials and eBooks available to paid subscribers. The eBooks are available for download through .pdf, .mobi., .epub, and .zip file formats. Also, if you’re a student you can save 50% off the yearly subscription cost, making this a great value to learn between classes.

SpoonGraphics (Free + Paid)          

One of the more resource-focused tutorial blogs we’ve seen, SpoonGraphics is an excellent centre for all of your graphics needs. They provide free tutorials and articles for anyone interested in learning more about Illustrator or any graphics software. This blog also has a premium subscription section that gives paying users additional resources for their graphics work.

While not restricted to Illustrator, SpoonGraphics has useful guides that use text and images to explain different components of the software and ways it can be used complete projects. They also have a number of video tutorials for people who prefer to learn while following along with a narrator.

Some of the posts on this website include: How to Create a Cute Dinosaur Character in Adobe Illustrator, 25 Adobe Illustrator Brush Sets You Can Download for Free, and How to Create a Flat Style Vector Planet in Illustrator. As you can see from the posts, these are specific jobs that teach you more about the software, instead of offering a complete guide through Illustrator.